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Enhances the generation of most planets by changing the density & diversity of flora/minerals.

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Script files used to generate the mod are available for download so feel free to use them as you please!

Enhances the generation of all biomes (except for the weird, some mid/low or huge
and the barren) by tweaking the areas and adding higher and more diverse flora.


- More diverse and dense flora/minerals on planets
- Increased size differences for flora/minerals
- Inner flora (usually trees) is  higher than the one on the edges
- Vanilla-friendly (although subjective, I did my best to ensure it "looked" like NMS)
- Presets to change the density of the flora (taste or performance)


6.0 - 2019.10.21
    - Full compatibility with BEYOND (yes finally!)
    - Full rework of the generation process (now using AMUMSS)
    - Direct modification of the vanilla files instead of overlay (gives me more control)
    - Removed unnecessary biomes (low or mid already good in vanilla)
    - Removed weird modifiers (might add them in a patch if needed)

5.1 - 2018.08.14
    - Fixed some flora elements not having colors variations (Secondary / Random)
    - Reduced spawn chance of weird elements from 33% to 10%
    - Fixed collisions tags not being correct (even though they seem useless atm)
    - Slight generation changes to have consistency between presets
    - Adjusted huge biomes to hold more small trees since big ones are already there

5.0 - 2018.08.13
    - Full port to NEXT (after many days of pain & struggle XD)
    - Reworked all the biomes for consistency
    - Tried to maintain presets to what they were (performance wise)
    - Merged weird with "normal" biomes (33% chance to spawn)
    - Created an ODS file to generate xml content for biomes (seperate optional file)
        - Makes my life A LOT easier when it comes to tweaking the biomes
        - Easier for humans to tweak / add things
        - Can be used by others (other mods or this one in case I stop workig on it)
4.3 - 2017.08.27
    - Fixed props spawning in structures for HQ Frozen biomes (tree growing on a rock)
        (Thanks imacor)
    - Removed weird props spawning in structures
4.2 - 2017.08.23
    - Added optional file to remove the blurr trees (Big Oak)
    - Added optional file to remove both blurr trees & the ugly small one
        (the one with no leaves)
    - Improved drawing distance for the BigTree1 models on lush planets
        (should not affect too much fps)
    - Reduced density of custom weird biomes to enhance performance & consistency

4.1 - 2017.08.15
    - Removed the chance for hexagon elements to spawn in barren biome
      (they don't blend well and I forgot to remove them while testing...)

4.0 - 2017.08.15
    - Full port to Atlas Rises
    - Fully reworked all the biomes to take into account the changes made by HG
    - Fully reworked the files system to allow easier integration with other mods
       (and easier update for me in the future)
    - Added weird preset for weird elements to have a chance to spawn in normal biomes

3.1 - 2017.08.12
    - Quick lush port on Atlas Rises (includes all presets for lush & lush HQ)
    - Other biomes are in progress but will require more time + investigation

3.0 - 2017.08.02
    - Fixed remaining collider issues for TrunkA on LargeTree1
    - Fixed consistency across all biomes for priorities on generation & densities
    - Improved generation for all biomes to match vanilla
    - Inner trees are now usually bigger than outer trees
    - Added presets for lush & frozen biomes: low, medium or high
    - Generation seeds preserved for lush & frozen biomes
    - Generation seeds slightly changed for radioactive, scorched & toxic biomes

2.1 - 2017.07.25
    - Fixed colliders being too tall when flying over big trees on lush planets
    - Implemented custom colliders for all big trees on lush planets
        Pros: Can walk on top of the shroom canopy (the dream comes back! :D)
        Cons: Had to make all the colliders manually (still needs some improvements)
    - Slightly altered the generation to allow better performances on scorched & lush

2.0 - 2017.07.23
    - Major improvements for the frozen biome
    - Added custom colliders for trees in frozen biomes to match the scale
    - Added custom generation for radioactive , scorched and toxic biomes
    - Small improvements of the lush biome (better repartition + consistency)
    - Fixed imposters for big lush trees (BigOak1 => LargeTree1 as it has an imposter)
    - Colliders on the giant mushroom hats are now missing due to the change in models
        Cons: We can't walk on a shroom canopy (my dream comes to an end XD)
        Pros: We have imposters to render across large distances (better immersion)

1.0 - 2017.07.08
    - Initial release.


You can use any other mod as long as they do not tweak the biome files.
If it is the case, I can't guarantee the mod will be working as expected.