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Bigger payouts for completing full species records on planets. Makes ecology a viable profession.

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Legacy Mod for Atlas Rises (1.38)

NEXT Players Looking to be Ecologists:
NEXT has finally made Ecology a viable profession! No mod needed! At least not for me =P

Complete fauna catalogue uploads now earn you a huge amount of nanites, which is a cool way of earning them but had me worried about how much that might affect credit income for scientist professions at first. Then I found this upgrade for multi-tools:

Flora scans will earn you 17k with this installed. Every. SIngle. Plant. 17k
Fauna scans will earn a whopping 70k. Crazy.
Rare fauna scans will earn an eye-watering 133k 0.o

So look for Analysis Visor upgrades! And if you find an S class like I did, enjoy making a million per planet XD

Original Mod Description for Atlas Rises Follows:

As an ecologist by profession, surveying Great Britain for protected wildlife and environments, the biggest selling point of No Man's Sky for me was the thought of doing my job across an entire galaxy - cataloguing new species and environments, and progressing through a game as a scientist rather than a murderer. Sadly, the time involved in hunting down every species on a planet and the paltry sum you're awarded means you'll always be broke if you play the game this way. That's where this mod comes into play.

Extra-Terrestrial Ecology quadruples the payout for recording 100% of the species on a planet. At a reward of 100,000 units per species, you can now expect to earn at least half a million for smaller catalogues, and over a million for the planets richest in fauna. It's still not going to compete with farming lubricant etc for money per hour earnings, but it's now a good source of income and (if you're like me) exploring different planets is far more interesting than farming.

Individual fauna uploads have remained at vanilla values (1500-2500 units per animal, depending on rarity), but flora will now reward 1500 units per upload (up from 500 - botanists rejoice!), and sector/region uploads will reward 2000 units (up from 1000). So fauna are still the biggest single-scan earners and still at the values Hello Games intended, but regions and flora are now suitably more important. No need to ignore all the plants any more!

1) Extract ETEcology.pak and place it in your No Man's Sky folder at: ...\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS (If you don't have a MODS folder yet you can just create one.)
2) Delete a text file called DISABLEMODS.txt (if it's there) at: ...\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS

Why not increase the value of individual fauna uploads more?
Like any good scientist, you're expected to get the job done, not half-ass it and leave a planet's catalogue incomplete. The increased funds from flora and region uploads should help keep you going, but the final payout will come from a job well done - a 100% completion rating for the species list. And payouts of this size should make the job feel a lot more rewarding! So this is more of an immersion thing, encouraging and rewarding scientific playstyles.

If you'd like an alternative mod that emphasizes individual upload value more, then For Science has what you need.

NEW Optional File: E.T. Ecology and Solid Traders merged
MojoW has kindly created a merged file of his Solid Traders mod with E.T. Ecology for those of you who want to use both mods at once. Separately they are incompatible. You can download the file from his page as well, but if you download here then please spare the few seconds it takes to download and endorse the main file on his page too :)

Big thanks to MojoW for helping keep this mod up to date while I'm away on work over the summer months.