No Man's Sky

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This is a fully modular game overhaul changing most of all the game aspects.
It is the result of 7 years of devoted modding the game.
I just can't stop myself from trying to improve that game.
Having ideas in the middle of the night, and so on.

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This is a 
fully modular game overhaul changing most of all the game aspects.
It is the result of 7 years of devoted modding the game.
I just can't stop myself from trying to improve that game.

Having ideas in the middle of the night, and so on. ;)

see the documentation below for advanced description )

I created this pack in order to play the "UTOPIA" Expeditions. But it is designed to play any expeditions.
The paks split is more compact than for my previous game overhauls. This is for easily swaping them.
In the documentation you have a detail explaination on the paks & the impacts on your game and others.


- an overhaul of the gameplay, with quality of life changes, additional fonctionalities, advanced base building, vehicules and spaceships controls rework, characters movements rework, camera rework etc & new vehicles : the ball exocraft and the dragonfly exocraft , which is customisable in game.
- a visual overhaul enhancing all visuals & creatures behaviours & the game menus
- new generations overhaul for the creatures, planets ( have near unlimited possibilities ) , space & spaceships
- exclusive characters skins & vehicules designs
( combining the paks gives different results )
- 3 biomes generations paks
- 1 visual overhaul pak ( that can be combined with additional specific visual changes ) 
- 2 Colors palette mods
- 2 voxels / terrain shapes paks versions
- 3 space colors , asteroids & space traffic overhauls versions.
- 1 spaceships generation pak
- 4 gameplays changes overhauls paks

( i do overhauls paks for 2 main reasons : 1, it allows to create more advanced features, 2. because the number of changes to the game is massive )

( everything is easily updatable from one base game update to another. )

All versions are designed to work with _MOD.MSSP.ConstructsVisions.Core.pak placed inside your mods folder - it is just a pak of models, with that pak alone CONSTRUCTS mod is not loaded, but my generation paks are using geometry from it ( - it is possible to disable it in the lua version - don't use the deprecated spawner pak given with CONSTRUCTS mod - RECONSTRUCTS is not required ( it does the same thing than my generations paks were doing ( aka adding collisions, enhanced textures and new interactions, but they do in different ways ) ))





No Man's Sky FANTASY LEGACIES Mod is a suite of mods for No Man's Sky. The paks are designed to work together and seperatly.




-- with a OMEGA loading title.

-- since you now need to unlock the expeditions rewards to see them on the skins, it looked bad ( i mean, not like i wanted ) as it were.
So i took the time to rework the default skins in order to make them interresting, original, and matching NMS Fantasy series' lore, while not using expeditions rewards ^^ 

- Alternative world generation :
the difference with euphoria world generation is that it doesn't have giants Ruins, floating objects in the skies. This is a more "classical" world generation - The type of generation i did in previous Fantasy Worlds versions ( Fantasy Worlds 4 latest version was on Origins Update ) 

- various bug fixes

- colors patch



- Euphoria World Generation Update
- 2 new paks :
A set of sci fi inspired default character skins presets replacements
+ a set of sci fi NASA inspired colors
a rework of the colors different than the one inside _REDMASUTOPIA-GENERATION-REVAMP-V & REDMASEUPHORIA_WORLDS_GENERATION_extension
with more Sci fi inspired colors.

- SINGULARITY update support
- New Character Presets using the new customisation possibilities given by SINGULARITY
- World Generation polishing
- HQ Space stations restored

- Space reworks ( new algo for space colors & asteroids auto generation & more options)
- Exocrafts geobays & old rooms in freighters bases
- Freighters' bridge reworked
- World generation optimisation and better LOD
+ various debugging

- Euphoria World Generation v6.3 ( which have gameplay ressources re-balanced )
- Spaceships controls rework with space inertia
- New creatures generation rework
- Performances optimisations & debugging

V1.6 New version of the terrain paks

V1.56 Modded corrupted biomes for Euphoria's World Generation

MOD UPDATE v 1.5 - SPACESHIPS FLIGHT REWORK  / LOD & Performances Improvements

MOD UPDATE v 1.4 - RGOG World Generation V6.1

MOD UPDATE v 1.3 - RGOG World Generation V6 -
A big polish / debugging - 4.2 features support - and few new features.

( Sentinels new spaceships are landing on planets randomly )

TRAILER of No Man's Sky FANTASY LEGACIES  V 1.22 update
( Season 06 Skins Pack )

TRAILER of No Man's Sky FANTASY LEGACIES  V 1.21 update

TRAILER of No Man's Sky FANTASY LEGACIES  V 1.2 update

MOD UPDATE v 1.2 - RGOG World Generation V5 & new split

Is a less intense version of ___REDMAS_____EPIC_TERRAIN_SHAPES


 Trailer v1.1

You can do custom versions of my mods, if you use AMUMSS add the RGOG Folder from, and edit the lua script
 that you can find inside the mod's .pak file. 


Manual Install :

Step 1 :
- Make sure to rename or delete the file called "DISABLEMODS.TXT" located in '[GAMEPATH]\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS'
 ( On steam, you can access your game path by right clicking on the game name in your library, then select: property / Local files / browse files )

Step 2 :
- Create a "MODS" Folder at this location '[GAMEPATH]\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\' and place the downloaded .pak files in it.


Good To know about No Man's Sky's mods:

- Only mods located at the root of "/MODS" Folder will be loaded in the game ( so you can create folders there to archive unused mods )
- I suggest to create a shortcut to your "/MODS" Folder
- .pak ( Mods files ) are loaded by the game in a->z order
- Some Modders, like I do, are playing with that load-order to do alternative versions of .paks ( So make sure to not rename .paks )
- Personnally, i use underscores to determine the loading under ( the ones with longer __ will be loaded over the others )
- Mods must more or less often be updated: 
o visuals mods are most of the time cross updates
o Textures changes mods are always cross updates
o Mods relative to gameplay must be updated very often ( almost all base game updates )

- Mods are only visible by players using them ( but, if you use a mod that changes the way you move, vanilla players will see it )

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