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Remove the lag / freeze when leaving planet atmosphere.

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===Updated with a mod that fix the problem without the need to temper your file and do it manually - Fully compatible with 4.xx Waypoint update===

Hello guys, it's been a while i didn't play the game, when I came back to it I noticed that a lag / one second freeze was introduced in the newer version of the game: Each and every time I was leaving a planet and entering outer-space this one second freeze occurred. Since it was bothering me i looked on the web and didn't find any solution, and saw that many other was bothered as well by this freeze, since it break the immersion to some point.

I've uploaded a mod that will get the rid of the problem for you.  Once unzipped it is quite a big file, since the problem does not resides in one file: every files in nexus/parts folder (the culprit) that has to be uncompressed add a little to the stutter - witch become a rather big stutter at the end. I've tried three compression type, and all the compression levels, and as soon as it is compressed, the full freeze occurs...  So the mod does not uses compression at all, and contain every nexus part in order to work.

Go ahead and try it, tell me if it works for you in the posts, it is for me and my rig isn't anything of a beast hehe.

I'll keep this mod up to date until the devs figure what's wrong with this specific part of the loading process.

====================================== INSTALLATION ========================================

Install like any no man's sky's mods :
Delete the "disableMod.txt" (if any) in <No man's sky installation directory>/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/.
Create a folder called MODS in the folder mentioned above.
Extract the content of the zip file in <No man's sky installation directory>/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS/.

Hope it'll benefit someone, and have a nice day :).

*I removed the "manual" version since it was a little confusing from the comments I read...

============================== DO IT YOURSELF MODE ;) =========================================

If you prefer to do it manually, here are the steps :
1. Navigate to <no man's sky installation directory>/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS.
2. Make a backup of the file : NMSARC.451C674F.pak.
3. Delete (! important) NMSARC.451C674F.pak from the PCBANKS directory.
4. Extract the backup of NMSARC.451C674F.pak elsewhere (using PSArcTool.exe - - You drag the NMSARC.451C674F.pak over the PSArcTool.exe file).
5. You will now have a folder called MODELS, move this MODELS folder to <no man's sky installation directory>/GAMEDATA folder(! not PCBANKS).
6. VoilĂ  ;). Launch the game and enjoy a seamless planet to space transition again. (*The game will read from those loose files instead of uncompressing each time the NMSARC.451C674F.pak - Thus removing the lag. It is important to delete the .pak file from the PCBANK folder else it'll be looking for it before using the loose files)