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About this mod

Fixes most aspects of spaceship flight in a planets atmosphere.
Comes in two different versions - choose to your liking. :)

Tweakable via AMUMSS

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This mod fixes various aspects ofspaceship atmosphere flight and surface exploration. It's highy customizable via the provided .lua script.

What this mod does:

- Increases the range at which you can access your ships inventory, tech, etc -
(increases the range by 6x from 50u to 300u; tweakable)

- Improves ship scanner range, speed, cooldown and functionality -
( by default doubles scan range, cuts recharge timer by 70% to 3 seconds, increases the range at which icons pop up,
increases the number of maximum possible buildings scanned by 1 and speeds up the scan pulse by 25%; tweakable)

- Reduces ship launch fuel consumption -
(reduces fuel consumption when launching your ship by 80%; tweakable)

-  Allows you to use your spaceship to hover in place inside a planets atmosphere, just like in space
(can be tweaked to even allow backwards flight; by default this setting is set to off)

-  Fly much faster while exploring the planets surface -
(Doubles the speed at which you can fly inside a planets atmosphere; tweakable)

-  Improves planetary spaceship flight handling and braking -

This file modifies:


 I also added a lite version for those that only want the speed, hover and handling fixes.

Lite version modifies:


Should you already be using a mod that changes any of the corresponding files, you'll have to build/merge them via the provided optional .lua file and AMUMSS.


Regular Installation (not customizable):

1. Go to your No Man's Sky directory and navigate to \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\
2. Delete or rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file
3. If there isn't already a folder called MODS, create it
4. Put the .pak file into the MODS folder
5. That's it, play and enjoy the game! :)


Download the .lua script, tweak it to your liking and build/merge it with AMUMSS.