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Allows you to equip more than 3 tech of the same type for your exosuit, multitool, ship, freighter, etc. // Includes options to change max inventory and tech slots of about anything in the game // Also optional increased inventory stack sizes. Comes in multiple variations. - Check the main description page for detailed info! :)

Permissions and credits

This is simply a small mod I created to raise the maximum number of same technology you can equip in your exosuit, multitool, ship, freighter and exocraft.
This raises the default cap of tech of the same type from 3 to 48 and thus removes the tech overload.

This mod comes in three different versions:

1. Remove Technology Overload

- The standard mod. Only raises cap of tech of the same type you can equip from 3 to 48.

This file modifies:

2. Remove Technology Overload Plus

- Raises the cap of tech of the same type you can equip from 3 to 48.

- Increases exosuit inventory and tech slots to 48 total.

- Expands the size of the inventory and tech inventory of ships, multitools, exocrafts, freighters
depending on its class.

C Class: 12 total slots
B Class: 24 total slots
A Class: 36 total slots
S Class: 48 total slots

Keep in mind though, that you'll still have to buy/apply those upgrades yourself.

This file modifies:

3. Remove Technology Overload Ultimate

- Includes everything the other two versions include and raises maximum inventory stack sizes by x100.
Modifies the same files as the plus version.

Should you already be using a mod that changes any of the corresponding files, you'll have to build/merge them via the provided optional .lua file and AMUMSS.


1. Go to your No Man's Sky directory and navigate to \GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\
2. Delete or rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file
3. If there isn't already a folder called MODS, create it
4. Put the .pak file into the MODS folder
5. That's it, play and enjoy the game! :)