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An alternative freighter bridge layout inspired and mentored by JJ. Open front, stations at back, your officers sit next to you in the command center, you can even call up the galaxy map while sitting in the command chair!

Permissions and credits
This mod was inspired by JJs Bridge and many thanks to JJ for helping me make this mod.

Changes the layout of the freighter bridge to be less like a freighter and more like the galactic starship this should be! Beehive windows, 2 empty stations to put what you want there, a dual pilot station, automatic bridge doors and a command area for the navigator, the captain and YOU! The flags, ceiling lights and ceiling monitors all change colors and the NPC chairs change periodically. The ladder in the bridge entrance corridor lets you access the outside of the ship to allow you to see the freighter layout and build the freighter from a top-down view (ladders are glitchy so use at your own risk).

NOTE: Due to game limitations, freighter base buildable items can only be placed at the back or on side stations; the lower area can not have in-game parts placed there just like the area around the terminal (the area that is lower than the bridge level) on the vanilla bridge.

BRIDGE ALIGNMENT AND LADDER: There appears to be a bug (not related to Astro's Bridge) such that when you reload a save made anywhere on the freighter, a glitch appears that misaligns the freighter area and the bridge. You  might not have noticed it, but if you look down at the ground at the place where the bridge meets the corridor, you can sometimes see a hole in the ground. As far as I can tell, as long as you don't reload a save on a freighter, this will not happen. 

This misalignment also affects the ladder on Astros Bridge and is one of the reason's you may clip through the floor going down. You will also clip going down if you don't start at the top of the ladder to go down.
FIXING THE ALIGNMENT GLITCH: Use your ship out in space to call your freighter to a new position. 

Mod history:

Astro's Bridge v1.0 - had a clipping issue - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.1 - fixed clipping issue but created a floor tile issue - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.2 - fixed floortile issue but created additional clipping issue - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.3 - fixed additional clipping issue, improved lighting, added "no ladder" version - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.4 - added external hull, added decoration over entrance door, repositioned ladder (broken by Frontiers - archived)
Astro's Bridge v1.5 - outdated due to Frontiers update - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.6 and 1.6 no doors - added bridge doors but they broke the space station doors - archived
Astro's Bridge v1.6.1 - fixed bridge doors work and back room doors on space stations - archived
Current version v1.7 - improved bridge doors
Extract _AstrosBridge_v1.7.pak from the zip file and put it in the No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder. If you don't already have this folder, create it.
Rename the DISABLEMODS.TXT file from PCBANKS folder to something like DISABLEMODS_orig.TXT. To uninstall, just delete it from the MOD folder.


Recommended companion mods:
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Game version:
Frontiers 3.64 (maybe works for Prisms but not backwards compatible beyond that probably)

Credits to TubOcrisco for NMS MODDING STATION and monkeyman192 for the MBIN compiler, without which this mod would not have been possible.