No Man's Sky

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This mods allows you to scan for things like crashed space ships, manufacturing facilities... with the exocraft and the ship scanner also has additional range.

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This mod allows you to scan for more items with the exocraft scanner.
I added some "balance" as I didn't want the crashed ship scan option to be available from the start.


This includes scanning for:
  • CrashedShip (lvl 2 scanner)
  • CrashedFreighter  (lvl 0 scanner)
  • DistressedNPC  (lvl 1 scanner)
  • Factory (lvl 2 scanner)
  • Harvester (lvl 1 scanner)
  • Observatory (lvl 1 scanner)
  • RadioTower (lvl 1 scanner)
  • TradingPost (lvl 0 scanner)
  • Settlement (lvl 0 scanner)
Note: lvl 0 = base scanner, lvl 1 = 1st upgrade, lvl 2 = 2nd upgrade

Ship scanner now has extended range (600->2400)

Special thanks to Lentalis for the assets whom I was allowed to use from his original mod from where this mod is partially based off Beyond Exocraft Scanning