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BETA Feature added: convert old save beacons (etc) into bases! Revisit long lost discoveries!
With 2000+ member discord + bot for easy sharing.
Never permanently say goodbye to your companions + bases + places + ships + multitools + freighters again!

Permissions and credits
Lightweight app that lets you back up locations, bases, companions, star ships, multitools and freighters (along with custom thumbnail), share with others and import back into any save at any time! More to come...

Fully integrated with the fast-growing No Man's Sky Creative & Sharing Hub discord (with over 2000+ members):
  • All data has a channel for sharing
  • Buttons that bring you to the contextually-correct channel, all over the app
  • A bot on the discord that reads and displays the data (including your custom thumbnails), and creates links in the right places.  
Join with this link:

What's New:

Now in BETA:
Ability to convert old save beacons and other placed items into bases! You can then teleport to them.
This can be used to find long lost planets, or even your accidentally "unclaimed" bases!
See help section under "Bases" for more info, or click "Add a base" on the bases tab to begin!
NOTE: This feature is still in BETA! FOR TESTING ONLY. Use at your own risk.
I have just re-uploaded this (again) with significant improvements and bug fixes, as well as updating the Help section with known bugs and things to watch out for. 

Other recent changes:

Base saving!

This feature lets you backup, restore and share your bases with others!

It works very similarly to Places, so please read the instructions on the Places tab. 

The general workflow is as follows:
  • Simply click the "Backup a base" button, and choose an in-game base to backup here. 
  • You can then click "Overwrite" on any backed up base, and then pick an in-game base to overwrite.
  • So you will normally place a base computer on a new location, then go to the tool and pick one of your backed up bases, and overwrite the new base and reload last save. 
  • You can adjust the location/rotation of the base relative to the base computer before placing.
  • This works with freighter bases too!

Note, for planetary bases, if the terrains don't match, then the base will be floating/sunken. You are given the option to adjust the height of the entire base when overwriting, and a bit of trial and error is all that should be required, but this tool is still best used on bases built on relatively flat terrain.

Places saving!
Seriously, this is one fantastic feature and I hope it leads to some serious place sharing on the discord!

    This is all I ever wanted out of nms, the ability to just find thousands of amazing planets  and save them for quick travel anytime I want, with a screenshot and a name.
        Now you can do all that easily with NMSC! And share easily on discord for others, and visit their places! 

  • Significantly larger and more detailed thumbnails across the board for a significantly SMALLER file size. You might want to redo all your thumbnails!
  • Tab reordering! It will save too.
  • The way settings save has been overhauled. If you found it buggy, you shouldn't anymore.
NOTE: If you encounter any bugs, try updating in app as they have likely been fixed, but not uploaded here yet. They are available via the updater in app. 

Previous Updates:
  • Freighter backup/restore!
  • Many UI bug fixes. 
  • Multitool support is out of beta!
  • Lots of touch ups and bug fixes (mainly UI related, file saving has had no bugs since release)
  • The 2000+ member NMS Creative & Sharing Hub Discord has a bot now that will display the thumbnail and some stats when you share a backup file there. Easy!
  • Larger thumbnail viewer. Info viewer.
  • Added bonus example thumbnails for all the non tamable species (which can be tamed with mods)
  • Thumbnail saving! 
  • Drag+Drop or printscreen/snip pasting.
  • With a tool for cropping images.
  • Images save to the backup files.
  • Program scans backup files for images to display against your savegame (compares seeds)
  • LAST UPDATE doubled thumbnail sizes. Added a few more QoL features. Check it out!
  • Added a starship tab, that lets you backup and restore starships too!
  • Updated to work with Expeditions

Coming Soon:
  • Places backing up/restoring (like a simple bookmark + thumbnail teleport system, with sharing) is next!
  • See Release Notes in-app for more of my todo list.


Does what it says on the tin: a simple GUI app that lets you quickly backup your companions or ships etc to a small 2kb file (or a few hundred kb if you save a thumbnail), that you can share (a discord is included). You can use the tool to import these into any slot on any save. You can do so even while the game is running (just save/load saves to reflect changes)

Tool Philosophy:

This tool started with companions because of the following: I can imagine it was a tough question for the devs and there were many meetings, and ultimately it was decided, despite the cons, players would be allowed 6 companions at a time, total. However, the cons are real:

  • there are quintillions of potential creatures out there, and how can a player be expected to know which ones they are never going to best, and dare to grow attached to...
  • it's so easy to tame, that one ends up filling all their companion slots very quickly...
  • if one wants to creature collect, one is completely out of options...

Generally speaking, it leads to a dilemma of always wondering if one should risk growing attached to any one Companion, and that might lead to people either getting stuck with their first few Companions forever, or never getting attached and constantly cycling through them ad infinitum

So here's a tool that removes this dilemma! You can easily back up and restore your creatures on the fly, with nothing but a couple of clicks, you don't even need to restart the game! The app has a function, helpful GUI that helps make things simple and clear. 

Since then, this tool has expanded to allow you to do the same with ships, and much more!


There are two options:

  1. Offline installer. Download and extract this, and run setup.exe. The program will be installed and available anytime from your start menu. Smartscreen might flag it, simply click "More info" and "Run anyway" to proceed. 
  2. Portable exe, simply extract it and run the NMSC_Portable.exe anytime you want to run the application!

NOTE: There is an optional version of the app that has a convenient in-app Updater. Click the Update icon in the app and follow the instructions to set that up, which will allow you to update the program in 3 clicks! The tool might need updating from time to time as it is prone to break like all mods, when there is a big game patch... The tool may add features and improvements as well. The offline versions here will be updated less frequently and quickly.

The tool is intuitive and full of useful instruction prompts, and you can click the ? icon to bring up more detailed instructions at any time, as well as watch the official youtube video guide. 


NOTE: Use the tool at your own risk. The tool does back up your save files when updating them (up to 3 at a time, for each save, so don't use up all three at once before you are 100% sure you are happy with the changes you have made). Report any bugs here or on the discord or to [email protected] if urgent.

I will aim to maintain the mod, improve it, support it to the best of my ability, and update it whenever a game patch breaks it! A lot of work has gone into it to make it as high quality as possible. Feel free to buy me a beer via the paypal donate button in the app, if you enjoy the tool and wish to contribute, but the tool is and always be 100% free!


All example images by Ertosi, No Man's Sky Discoveries Wiki: (an amazing, underrated discoveries wiki, with genius features for helping you discover and catalogue!), via Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, and ultimate rights belong to Hello Games.

App code by Dr. Kaii, contact [email protected] for further info. Many thanks to Mjjstral, zencq, monkeyman192 and Moo from No Man's Sky Modding discord, 
who provided code and advice towards the app, and WinderTP and Babscoole for testing!!