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Changes the substances needed to refuel the Living Ship Jump Drive and Hyper-drive.

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This mod changes the fuel type required to recharge the Jump Drive (Pulsing Heart) and the Hyper-Drive (Singularity Cortex).

The Jump Drive (Pulsing Heart) now requires Liquid Sun, gathered using the Solar Ray attachment from terrain deposits, instead of silver and gold. As a back up you can also use Living Slime (the refined stuff) to fuel the drive as well.

This mod also changes the Chromatic Metal requirement for the Hyper-drive (Singularity Cortex). Now it requires Fragmented Qualia gathered with the Animus Beam attachment from creatures.

As a side note, with your Animus Beam selected on your multi-tool, if you use your Living Ship to shoot creatures on planets it also collects Fragmented Qualia instead of meat and mordite.

The other components are unchanged as they used fuel that made sense for an Organic Living Ship.

This mod makes changes to the NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN file. I have included my Lua script for combining conflicting mods using AMUMSS.

Big thanks to the NMS Discord server. Special thanks to Gumsk for a late night / early morning across the pond spit balling session that gave me this idea.


How to use AMUMSS mod program to update your mods and combine lua scripts from mods. It is far simpler than you think and a much better
way to mod your game.

1)     Download and install AMUMSS from Nexus. I installed mine in D:/AMUMSS.

2)     Copy the LUA files from the mods you want to combine and use into the ModScript Folder of the AMUMSS directory.

3)     Double click the BUILDMOD.bat file.

4)     A command prompt window will appear, and it will automatically check for updates and download the latest version of the MBINcompiler and library
(Updated after each game update release)

5)     It will then ask you a series of questions:
a.      ??? Do you want to create a COMBINED mod [Y] or INDIVIDUAL mod(s) [N]    [Y,N]?
            i.     You want to select “Y” since you are combining more than one mod script
b.      ??? Do you want to use a COMPOSITE combined MOD name just like that [Y,N]?
            i.     I select “N” but its just asking how you want to name your pak file.
c.      ??? Do you want to use a Numeric suffix[Y] or the current DATE-TIME[N]  [Y,N]?
            i.     I select “Y” in order to get a cleaner name on my file
d.      ??? Would you like to COPY the created Mod PAKS to your game folder and DELETE [DISABLEMODS.txt]   [Y,N]?
            i.     The program knows where your No Man’s Sky MODS folder is and can place your compiled mod in the folder for you. Also, since Disablemods.txt has to be deleted or renamed it will check if this is done for you. Select [Y]
e.      ??? Would you like to check your NMS MODS for conflicts? [Y,N]?
            i.     AMUMSS will check the scripts and the other mod pak files in your MODS folder to determine if 2 mods are changing the same game file. Usually this means that one PAK file will overwrite the other which is not good, but in the case of scripts  often mods are editing the same file, just different lines, which is fine. Your choice, but I like to know so I select [Y]
6)     After this the magic stuff happens and your tailored mod pak is created/updated for you and placed in your MODS folder.

7)     When it is done it will report the number of Errors and Warnings… don’t mind the warnings unless you edited the LUA script files yourself, but Errors are not good. Contact the mod authors for help with errors. Otherwise press any key to close the command prompt window and go play your newly modded game.