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Fixes Multi-tool mining speed

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Soon or later, everyone playing NMS eventualy ask himself : "hey, but am I not supposed to mine faster with this update ?"
And we somehow mentaly compare time before and after the update with a suspicious doubt.
But we finaly leave the question aside and continue our journey...

That's what I did too so far until I saw a footage of the latest Exo-Mech update and noticed mining tool upgrade was working for exo-mech !
I finally thought something might be wrong with the regular multi-tool and that I probably know the solution.
And something was indeed wrong : the speed property used for multi-tool upgrades has been deprecated during an early update to be replaced by the damage one as only the damage power is really driving the speed at which the mining tool destroys things.

So long story short : I fixed the multi-tool updates.

In details :
- Advanced Laser is now really 15% faster
- Optical Drill now has a pink/purple beam and according icon like Exocrafts mining updates
- Procedural mining updates now brings the speed bonus announced (though already installed modules aren't updated so you might need to replace them to get the proper speed bonus. If they have a speed property, it's not ok, if they have a damage property, it's fine)

So here it is : a working multitool mining technology to enjoy :)

Versions :
v2.0 : updated for Leviathan 3.90
v1.9 : updated for Outlaws 3.85
v1.8 : updated for Sentinel 3.84
v1.7 : updated for Sentinel 3.81
v1.6B : fixed missing new icon in the .pak file
v1.6 : fixed the .lua script broken by AMUMSS 3.9.4W version and later (reuploaded with missing TEXTURE folder)
v1.5 : fixed missing purple optical drill icon
v1.4 : updated for Emergence 3.70
v1.3 : updated for Frontiers 3.66
v1.2 : updated for Desolation 2.61.1 game version. restored optical drill properties to mine 50% more ressources but not 50% faster
v1.1 : fixed procedural mining update modules still using the default non working speed property.
v1.0 : initial release

Compatibility : 
Check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- This mod can't be used along any other mod modifying the following files :
- Anyway a .lua file is also provided if you want to merge this mod with any other mod written for AMUMSS and editing the same file like Better Ship Teleport Module Range and Long Range Freighters