No Man's Sky
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This replaces the photon cannon firing sound with the old fashioned Robocraft laser sounds, and updates English localization to change all instances of "Photon Cannon" to "Subatomic Machine Gun".

I think it fits the gun's style, and I think you'll enjoy it too.

Permissions and credits
Photon Cannon => Old Robocraft SMG Sounds
This mod replaces the photon cannon sounds with the old Robocraft SMG sounds and updates English localization to change all instances of "Photon Cannon" to "Subatomic Machine Gun". Check out the Videos tab for a preview.

This mod edits:
//AUDIO/WINDOWS/NMS_AUDIO_PERSISTENT.BNK (Conflicts can be resolved between mods that edit this! See bottom)

Want to make your own sound mods?
I develop two tools that make this easy! Both of them can be found on my BNKReplacer GitHub page.

The first tool is BNKRepacker -- It takes in audio files (Yes, not just WEM files - You don't need to download WWise!*) and packs them into the vanilla BNK file. This does not make new BNK archives as most of the format is undocumented, and existing documentation is horribly out of date.

The second tool is BNKMerger -- It takes in multiple BNK files and allows you to merge them together, sorting out any conflicts in the process. This means you can have multiple audio mods that both modify the same BNK file! See the "Audio Mod Compatibility Guide" text document within this mod's ZIP for more details.

* You only need to download WWise if you are replacing the stray WEM files since they use a different format that I do not support yet. If the WEM file goes inside of a BNK, you do not need to download it, but you still can if you want to.