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Get a new ship or multitool instantly from a huge random collection via quick action menu ingame.

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Seed Generator - Instant Ship/Multitool Exchange with 140.000 seeds
by Mjjstral (contact: @Mjjstral#1157 on discord)

ATTENTION: Join the new seed and coordinate exchange discord server with over 100.000 ship seeds we will share: DISCORD LINK

This mod allows you to quickly exchange your ship or multitool with a new random one from a selection of 140.000 seeds !
It let's you compare your current one with the random one. You can either accept an exchange or cancel it and continue to search for a good seed. No more save game editing necessary to get a good ship fast.

There are 7 new buttons in the gesture menu, one for each ship type and one for the multitool. Each button gives you a random new seed. NOTE: After each ship/multitool reward screen you need to move slightly with your character to get a new seed on next try as the random  selection is based on the player position in the world.


  • Fighter - 20000 seeds
  • Dropship - 20000 seeds
  • Shuttle - 20000 seeds
  • Scientific - 20000 seeds
  • Exotic (Royal) - 20000 seeds
  • Bio - 20000 seeds
  • Multitools - 20000 seeds

How TO Guide for quickly testing seeds - seed mass testing:
  1. Choose a type (ship/multitool) random button and assign a hotkey with Control+Numpad number
  2. Exit the quick action menu
  3. Select your hotkey
  4. Decide if you like the seed and take it or cancel
  5. Move slightly with your character - e.g. push forward
  6. Retrigger your hotkey
  7. Profit


5280 ships - 528 per mod pak file - selectable in the gesture menu

The pre order ship is included in "Instant-Ship-Exchange-FIGHTER-1.pak" as first entry.

For each ship type there are two seperate mods. Each mod pak comes with different seeds. Always choose one pak only !
Find good seeds, note them down or take the ship right away.
The seed and ship type is written down in the button tittle. All ships have 48 slots !

1. Delete old versions of the mod if necessary.
2. Extract the zip file.
3. Copy ONE of the extracted pak files.
4. Paste it in your MODS folder (No Mans Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS).
5. Delete DISABLEMODS.txt in the PCBANKS folder, or rename it to ENABLEMODS.txt


Where can I find the ships ?
In the quick action gesture/emote menu.

I cannot see any ship ?
Disable conflicting mods please. Best only activate this mod and add other mods peace for peace. This mod edits the REWARDTABLE.MBIN, PLAYERCHARACTER.ENTITY.MBIN, EMOTEMENU.MBIN.

Why only 528 per mod ?
This has to do with an internal hard limit of script action triggers per entity files ingame. Note V2 has 4000 seeds per type and all types are included in one mod.

How was this mod created ?
This mod was only possible by using AMUMSS tool. The best automation tool for NMS modding. The script this is based on can create a new batch of 528 random ships on each mod build process with AMUMSS. I will share the lua script at a later point.

The quick action menu doesn't store the last position of the ship tested ?
This is currently the only downside of it. You have to manually go to the last position again and remember the ship number from the title.
BUT you can use a tool like autohotkey to map a key that hits for you the arrow key mutliple times. And on each push it increments the pushes + 1 so you can look at all the ships ultra fast ! You could even use a script for it to open the menu automatically and go back to a new position. Share your autohotkey scripts in the comments, thanks.

Why are the ships not S class ?
As soon as I find the toggle I will release another batch of seeds with only S class. Right now you can just use NMSaveEditor and change it manually in few seconds if you own the ship.

Where can I share my findings ?
-> Please share the nice looking ship seeds at NMS Seeds Club or in the comment section.

Can I have my own version of the mod with all my favourite seeds only and multiple ship types together ?
I can also include custom choosen seeds and make a unique mod version of this for you with all your favourite seeds only. Contact me via Discord then.

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