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Makes trees, rocks and plants much larger.

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I have been maintaining this modification since No Man's Sky was released and one of the very first mods to appear. I had faith in Hello Games from the start and so continued to support the game whilst also updating this mod. It shows my assumptions were correct as this game just keeps getting better.

"My hat is off to you at Hello Games"

What this mod does is scales foilage and rocks etc to be much much bigger than that of the vanilla game whilst keeping that vanilla feel. I have tweaked the scaling and placement values so that all variations are not identical meaning, two trees next to each other will not be the same size. This adds variation and keeps with the randomization that the game delivers on.

I originally made this mod on my old trusty 960ti and though it struggled, it was playable. With the current iterations of the mod, a performance hit is expected but will depend on machine to machine and what your current hardware is.

*Some clipping is to be expected sadly*

Updated for "FRONTIERS"

                 Slightly edited a few props here and there.

                 Added an optional file of slightly increased horizon fog which helps reduce the pop-in for very large objects.

                 Again have fun and please let me know if you run into any strange things.

                 And above all else

                 Stay safe.


                 Unzip and drop the"BigThings.pak" into your PCBANKS/MODS dir and load up and enjoy.

                *PLEASE NOTE - I do NOT give permission to add this mod or any files included to be added to any mod packs.*