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This mod implements visual enhancements inspired by NGB for menus, HUD, and overall presentation. It eliminates excessive bloom, reinstates the original NGB OST, and brings back Ayane's voice in Kunai Scrolls, along with other notable improvements detailed in the description.

Permissions and credits


Splash Screen:

The startup image has been replaced with a new and refreshed design.

Title Screen:

The title screen has been expertly edited to mirror the aesthetics of NGB, with the only distinction being the title now reading "NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA BLACK."


The annoying bloom effect has been removed.


The original NGB soundtrack has been fully restored to 100%. Unlike other mods, this one not only normalizes/increases the volume but also
ensures that the tracks have loop points for correct repetition. However, in the instances of the menu and post-chopper defeat at the military base, the music remains the same and cannot be changed independently due to the use of the same file. If desired, the default Sigma soundtrack for "menu/military base" is available. Please refer to the optional files for more information.

Kunai scrolls:

Ayane's kunai scrolls voice was restored to 100% for both English and Japanese.


The menu has been meticulously adjusted to closely resemble that of NGB. This is because the original design of Sigma's menus significantly deviates from NGB's; a notable distinction includes Sigma's utilization of the same background for both the main menu and the pause menu (inventory).

Refer to the "compatible mods" section in the mod description for additional menu schemes, including the red menu.


Classic NGB life bars, karma display and O² bar.


NGB-like screens for chapter starting, chapter cleared, chapter rank, mission starting, mission completed and game over.


NGB fonts for menus, cinematic and cutscenes.


The original cinematic of the fight between Ryu and Doku has been restored.

Art of the Inazuma:

Changed the color of "Art of the Inazuma" from yellow to blue.


Helmets, gauntlets, and anklets are now invisible when equipped. Despite their invisibility, they still function normally, providing the same benefits to Ryu without the visual presence of these unpleasant elements.


No crosshair in the bow, similar to NGB. Additionally, you can opt for the default crosshair if desired; please refer to the optional files.

Shinobi Shozoku:

The classic Shinobi outfit is now available for selection from the menu, replacing the "The Grip of Murder" costume.

Classic Ninjas:

The classic red and black ninja design has been restored.

Dropped Items Light:

Changed the color of dropped items' light from yellow to blue.

Button Prompts:

For Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Check optional files.

Optional Files

Default bow crosshair

Default Menu/Military Base BGM

Default Red and Black ninjas

Ayane at the title screen

PlayStation 3 Button Prompts

PlayStation 4 Button Prompts

Xbox One Button Prompts

Compatible mods:

Classic PS3 Menu

Custom Red Menu

Custom Dark Menu

Vanilla Menu Enhanced

Classic PS3 HUD

Classic NGB HUD

White Shinobi Shozoku

Shinobi Shozoku outfit

Dark Blood Shinobi Shozoku

Blue Shinobi Shozoku

Black Shinobi Shozoku

Alternative Doppelganger

Legendary White Ninja

Red Nunchaku

Golden NGB HUD

Alternate Shuriken


Run the installer, select game folder and click in next.

How to Skip Special K intro message:

Run the game and press Ctrl + shift + backspace

Click in On-Screen Display (OSD) and move the slider to the left until reach to 0.0  seconds and close the window.

The next time you start the game, the intro message will not appear.