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Fixes the "strange letters" loading error message (e.g. ƒƒ‚ƒŠ•s‘«‚ª”­¶(pl\pl020d.dtt) players receive when they have large mods loaded that go over the game's predefined limits.

Permissions and credits
A patched game executable to increase some file size and VRAM limits that have been predefined.
THIS DOES NOT AFFECT PERFORMANCE ITSELF; it only increases some limits to allow you to have multiple large mods (4K textures yay!).

This should fix the error message many players have encountered whilst loading a save (a small white message box reading something like ƒƒ‚ƒŠ•s‘«‚ª”­¶(pl\pl020d.dtt).

New Installation (After 15/07/2021 Update):
Make a backup of your NieRAutomata.exe
Download the new patched executable and place it in your NieRAutomata game directory (replace original).
Launch/Play the game as normal.

Delete NieRAutomata.exe in your game directory.
Restore your backup or Verify Integrity of Game Files through Steam.

OLD Installation:
Download and place the 2 files in your NieRAutomata game directory (same folder as NieRAutomata.exe).
Run "Wolf's Limit Break - Patch.bat".
Wait for the patcher to finish and you're done.

OLD Uninstalling:
Run "Wolf's Limit Break - Restore.bat".
Wait for the patcher to finish and you're done.

I have not increased all the limits in the game, only those I deemed necessary for modding right now.
So if you encounter a similar error again, please let me know. Contact me and tell me which mods/files you had loaded.
I will then hopefully be able to update the patcher to fix the new error as well.

NieR:Modding Discord Server

Thanks to Jackfuste from WSGF for the Ultra-Wide patched game version.
Thanks to atom0s for