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Grojdg - Woeful_Wolf - DevolasRevenge

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Adds the kimono outfits and white outfits to the game via an in-game shop

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We spent a lot of time working on this release, as soon as the outfits were in our hands. We wanted to make it much like the switch version where the outfits were brand new slots and equippable. Normally this is impossible by our current modding knowledge, but with a ton of research and patience from Grojdg, it's possible. It requires some work-arounds but it's pretty amazing in it's current state.

sidenote: to reequip the default outfit, equip and unequip the outfit for that character.

Don't forget about the white alternative outfits --

Masks are coming as a workaround in a bit, we can't add them as new items just yet.

This mod contains some new modding additions:
- custom outfit slots
- custom bone physics
- new UI elements
- brand new NPC shop

Patch notes:
- Added support for German, Italian, Spanish (Japanese, French, Chinese, Korean coming soon)
- Fixed A2's self destruct, improved textures/seams for A2, added dynamic long hair/short hair support
- Fixed hair dyes for 2B/A2
(make sure to download the latest NASA from Grojdg's github as plenty of the fixes come from there!)

Files ready for the next patch:
- upscaled 2b kimono texs, mesh optimization
- japanese menu translation

How to obtain the new outfits ingame?
there's a NPC in the amusement park awaiting your arrival

Since there's new features, we have some special requirements. You need to have nier-mod-loader and NASA installed, see the requirements tab at the top of the mod page.

Installation Tutorial:

Part 1 (first time only):

Download mod-loader.dll from Grojdg's github here:
Place the dll in your NieRAutomata\ directory beside the .exe 
Find your SpecialK/FAR ini file. Depending on when/how you installed it, it could be called dxgi.ini, dinput8.ini, etc.
Go to the bottom of your .ini file and paste this:


Part 2:

Download the zip from nexus downloads page and move the data\ directory to your NieRAutomata installation directory, merging the folders (NierAutomata\data\).

Part 3:

Download NASA.dll from Grojdg's github here:
 Place NASA.dll in your \NieRAutomata\data\mods\plugins folder

Once you install everything you might need to reload your game once for changes to take effect.

Known Issues:

- Dress module crashes the game

- 2B's blindfold is white (fixed in next patch)
- A2's Kimono self-destruct is broken (fixed in next patch)
- Menu text supports English only for now (invisible otherwise)
- Camouflage Goggles may be non-functional
- 2B Armor issues in certain chapter(s)
- New items don't appear as active when equipped
(there's definitely more lol)

If you want to contribute or download a newer version of NASA, Grojdg's github link is here:


Grojdg - NASA + Mod Loader + DAT Packer + Tech support
Woeful_Wolf/RaiderB - MCD editor
DevolasRevenge - Kimono/White Outfit adjustments & Custom shop
DevolasRevenge/Woeful_Wolf - Added physics to characters
EM4V - Ripping Switch files
Cabalex - REing the Switch texture format
RaiderB - Scripting tools
Seek/Nyori/Baal/Inculta - Support and Love
German translation - EM4V
Italian Translation - Seek
Spanish Translation - Fletxa#1144