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Texture Pack intended to upgrade low quality assets. 2B and A2 textures have been remastered. 2B and A2's diffuse texture were redrawn entirely by hand.

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Welcome To NieR: Automata's HD Texture Pack! 

NieR: Automata suffers from some really low resolution textures in certain areas of the game. This stops the visual presentation of the game from being consistent. My goal is to faithfully improve these textures, by creating a natural looking restoration to the textures. 2B and A2 textures have been remastered. A2's diffuse texture was redrawn entirely by hand. 

This Texture Pack requires the latest version of Kaldaien's FAR (Fix Automata Resolution) mod, which allows for texture injection
 Windows Store users check here

FAR also improves performance, as you can lower the game's global illumination settings without hurting visuals - it's recommended to use FAR regardless of if you use the texture pack. 

I highly suggest checking out my Steam Guide for more thorough instructions.

For anyone updating to the newer version, please delete any previously installed texture pack

1. Make sure the latest version of FAR is installed - Follow the FAR guide if you need help with FAR.
2. Extract the Texture Pack file in the game directory (make sure the SK_Res folder is placed in the game directory)
3. Done!

For Special K (Global) users
Drag 'SK_Res' and drop it here:
(User)\Documents\My Mods\SpecialK\Profiles\NieRAutomata.exe\

Known issues:

- This mod is not compatible with Bande Desinee. You can use Reshade with the deband shader, though it's not as effective as the mod. HDR users can use Special K HDR injection to address banding.

Modding demands a lot of time and effort. If you appreciate this mod, please consider donating to express your support, it goes a long way!
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