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This mod fixes the unsightly banding in NieR: Automata, through shader replacement.

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Bande Desinée
NieR Automata Debanding Mod

What's it do?
This mod uses the highly versatile shader replacement tool, 3DMigoto, to add nearly invisible dithering to the game's rendering. The application of this dithering removes banding artifacts, while making the image look smoother overall.

Games nowadays are normally rendered in nice, wide 16-bit buffers, full of space to hold all the little HDR details of the image. But! Chances are, your monitor/OS only supports 8-bit colour!
You see, banding is the product of quantization - the result of reducing a signal down to a lower precision format. When we squeeze that data down onto your screen, the colours just go wherever fits them closest.

The solution? Dithering. Well, it's really more of a workaround. By adding a kind of noise to the image before it gets squished down to the format your monitor supports - ta-da! The harsh lines of banding melt into a nearly invisible softness, as the error from the quantization becomes diffused among the different pixels.

Not too technical, I hope? For more detail, please check out Wikipedia.

How do I install it?
Simply extract the contents of the archive below into your NieR: Automata directory. Typically, this would be found in;

What about uninstalling?
Just remove the files from the directory. Make sure you remove the right ones, as other useful mods use files with similar, but different, names.

Compatibility with other mods?
Is it compatible with FAR?
Yes, but some conditions may apply. Check the discussions tab for more details. 

Is it compatible with ReShade?
Yes, but your mileage may vary.

More details?
Have fun! Please report any issues.

Version history
1.0b - Released on Nexus.

Potential future changes...
There are certain areas in the UI with banding. There could be a later place in the rendering to inject dithering.
It would be nice to add higher quality noise to the dithering system. At present, I do not know if 3DMigoto is capable of injecting textures. Were it possible, a smoother solution using blue noise could be added.
Bloom in this game could use an extra stage of blurring...
I wonder why the ambient occlusion is so lacking in definition?
Motion blur in this game is smooth enough, but with dithering it could look even smoother...
Radial blurs, too...
If injecting textures becomes possible, it would be interesting to see the Bayer matrix used in the light shafts replaced with a blue noise texture.