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This mod reworks the collision of (almost) the entire map. It removes invisible walls and makes all areas explorable. Use at your own risk :)

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This mod reworks the collision of (almost) the entire map. The collision is now based on the original meshes. This means that if you see a window, then you can walk through it. If you want to climb on top of a building, you can do that. Or take a shortcut and walk the direct path instead of running through tunnels.

This mod opens all doors, but it's up to you not to do stupid stuff. (Or do it and have fun!)

I wouldn't recommend this mod if it's your first time playing Nier:Automata. You should at least have played route A, so that you know when you're leaving the official game area.

If you go too far out of bounds, the game will unload start unloading the map and disabling collision. Be aware of that.

In some areas you might get lower FPS, since the mod significantly increases the collision complexity. If you encounter any really big FPS drops, let me know.

Areas that have been changed (mostly outdoors only):
  • City Ruins
  • Flooded City
  • Factory (outside, inside above ground)
  • Desert
  • Amusement Park
  • Forest
  • Copied City
Areas that have NOT been changed(mostly underground areas):
  • Pretty much anything that moves
  • Factory underground
  • DLC Arenas
  • Any of the caves under City Ruins
  • The Tower (inside and outside)
  • Resource Recovery Units
  • Some areas from the prologue

If you encounter any problems or feel like some collision isn't quite right, let me know.

If you're making a map mod that would conflict with this mod, you can either provide 2 versions (1 with normal collision, 1 with my collision) or use my collision directly as a base.

Copy the data folder into your game directory.

If you want to remove the sandstorm in the desert, copy the st1 folder into your games data folder. The mod already removes the invisible walls of the sandstorm, but this will also removes the wind force.

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Big thank you to everyone that helped test the mod!