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A reshade preset that aims to make the image appear crisp and clean while keeping the original asthetics.

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There's a complete package now to minimize room for errors. If there are any I probably messed up, let me know in that case please, lol.
I used it together with FAR and the texturepack only, so if you plan on using it with other stuff like Bandé I suggest you look up The Definitive NieR Automata Experience
The one thing he forgot though, you gotta select it via the overlay. :P

So yeah, this part below is mostly irrelevant now. Only Game Settings & Tips could be useful to you if you use the complete package.

I recently switched to an IPS panel and realised that the new preset may be a little too dark for non TN panels.
If you feel like it's too dark, try messing around with the luma slider of LUT until you like it. :)


Download ReShade v4.5.4
Launch the ReShade installer, search for NierAutomata.exe and select it.<br>
Select Direct3D 10+
Afterwards a window with a list of shaders will pop up.

First add the following repositories: (or: Mortalitas/GShade) (or: prod80/prod80-ReShade-Repository)

Then untick all. Tick only the ones listed below for the preset you downloaded.
Tick all the * marked Shaders listed below in both repositories!

If you got that, open steam and right click Automata, select "browse local files" and drop my preset in the folder that opens.
The 2 .png files need to be put in reshade-shaders/Textures.
Select the Preset in the ReShade overlay.

Shaders needed (OLD Preset):
  • *SMAA
  • CAS
  • *LevelsPlus
  • *PPFX SSDO (Ambient Occlusion. Might wanna disable that one in foggy areas or if the fps hit is too much)</li>
  • *ToneMap
  • *Vibrance
  • *AmbientLight

Shaders needed (New Preset):
  • CAS.fx
  • Deblur.fx
  • *LUT.fx
  • *FXAA.fx (V1.3 only. Can probably be disabled on anything higher than 1080p)
  • *SMAA.fx
  • PD80_04_Contrast_Brightness_Saturation (For the less Fog preset only)

There are 3 more things you need to look out for everything to work properly:
Make sure Antialiasing is disabled ingame, otherwise reshade has no access to the depth buffer and stuff like SSDO/SSGI wont work properly or not at all.
Go to the DX11 tab in the ReShade overlay and check "copy depth before clearing". Same reason basically, but might not be needed anymore with newer ReShade versions.
Last one, click on "edit preprocessor definitions" on the main page between the Shaders and their settings and check the settings there.

They should look like this:


Game Setting Stuff:

Check your brightness levels ingame. I have it at 4 for the new Preset, 8 for the old. Adjust that to your liking, really.
I'd recommend disabling Ambient Occlusion. It makes everything very.. aliased? I don't remember that being an Issue on an Nvidia GPU, could be AMD specific..


You can select hotkeys for single shaders by right clicking them.
Same goes for Presets. Previous/Next is hotkeyable.
Selecting 'Performance Mode' in the bottom right corner of ReShade can help with preset transitions. I think.

Now you're done. Have fun! :)
If there's anything wrong or hard to understand, feel free to ask for help.
To anyone who downloads this Preset, thanks. c: