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A reshade preset that aims to make the image appear crisp and clean while keeping the original asthetics.

Permissions and credits
My other NieR related presets:

NieR Replicant Preset

Install Stuff:

There seems to be an issue with particle effects disappearing.
The main fix seems to be using SpecialK as a local install and loading ReShade like described in ther Nier Automata section here
And should you be looking for a quick fix, replacing the default specialk.ini with my SpecialK.ini worked for someone.
Do not use nightly builds of SK (Discord). They don't work with ReShade. Use the stable build from the website instead.

I used it together with SpecialK and the texturepack only.
If you plan on using it with other mods like Bande or the LOD fix, I highly recommend you look up The Definitive NieR Automata Experience to avoid any problems.

If you don't want to, do this:

Extract into your NieRAutomata folder.
If this causes issues, there are 2 other methods stickied in the posts.

New Darkness Adaptation comparison
Second slider comparison

To switch presets open ReShade by pressing home/pos1/yourlocalkeyboardequivalent
And click on what the arrow points at so the dropdown menu appears.
From then on it's straight forward: Choose the one you want or navigate to where your preset of choice is located.

If something is not to your liking, for example..
This is too bright! - adjust this
This is too vibrant! - adjust the chroma slider visible in the linked screenshot above
This is too sharp! - I'd suggest adjusting deblurs intensity in that case.

Game Setting Stuff:

Check your brightness levels ingame. I have it at 4 for the new Preset, 8 for the old. Adjust that to your liking, really.

Some more Info:

I recently switched to an IPS panel and realised that the new preset may be a little too dark for non TN panels.
If you feel like it's too dark, try messing around with the luma slider of LUT until you like it. :)
Same goes for CAS (ContrastAdaptiveSharpening), if your image is too sharp for your liking, lower it's intensity or disable it.

Now you're done. Have fun! :)
If there's anything wrong or hard to understand, feel free to ask for help.

To anyone who downloads this Preset (and manages to read until here), thanks. c:

Credit Stuff:

Credits for the included shaders & ReShade go to their developers, those guys make this possible in the first place.
Most noteably Prod80 and Crosire of course. (LUT, SMAA & CAS should be in the standard repo, right..?)
I've only dragged sliders until it looked good. :)
I'd update it to only feature the required shaders, but I don't want the guys tracking this come back to essentially nothing, for something that didn't bother anyone in the first place. Mistakes were made D: