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Gives 2B her official Nier Reincarnation outfit, a upgrade to her original model.

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The highly anticipated 2B Rein is here.

This one took a bit more work than A2 because of some additions to make her look better (this also means I need to fix A2).

Similar to A2, this uses 2B's face and hair textures from Rein. You will notice that the eye glistens more blueish and looks more android-like (in a really cool way).

This one has my 4K upscaled body textures built in, as well as custom roughness and ambient occlusion maps I made myself.

I added self-destruction support and made sure that the DLC costume/armor work as well (so you can use the 2B rein head/hair with the Kaine outfit).

Thanks to Bivi for ripping the models so that people could use them. This mod wouldn't be possible without Woeful's tools.

Please endorse the mod if you like these types of mods (rein ports, immersive etc.). You can also vote it for NieR mod of the month if you think it's worthy.

Use NAMH to install

instructions for NAMH can also be found here.