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A Cheat Engine table that allows the user to enable various Patches, Cheats, and Gameplay Modifications.

Permissions and credits
This table is a collection of mods I've created to enhance and alter Nier's gameplay experience. You can enable each mod individually according to your preferences. This is my first mod ever and I hope you find it enjoyable! :)


  • Install Cheat Engine
  • Use "Open Process" (Computer with Magnifying Glass) and select the Nier: Automata process
  • Use "Load" (Folder Icon) and select the Table file (or drag and drop the file into the bottom panel)
  • Tick the checkboxes for whatever mods you wish to enable


Batter Up! Gauntlet+Greatsword Combo Attack No-Fail
  • The combo attack for large swords combined with gauntlets always lands and no longer whiffs 2/3 of the time.

Disable Air Attack Lockout (Slow Fall)
  • Player attack input will no longer be locked while falling from short heights or after double jumping.

Enable Juggle Attack from Double Jump
  • All characters will now be able to perform launch/juggle attacks after a double jump (Jump+Heavy for 2B/A2, Jump+Light for 9S).

Held-Light Attacks for A2
  • A2 is now able to perform 2B's Light(Hold) attacks instead of taunting.

Taunts replace Shortcuts Menu A2/2B [BETA]
  • The Shortcuts menu function has been removed and replaced with A2's taunts, allowing both 2B and A2 to perform taunts using the shortcuts button (Share/Select/Delete by default).
  • Known Bugs:
  1. 2B plays A2's voice lines when taunting.
  2. This doesn't work for 9S due to how weapon movesets are handled.


Universal B-Mode [BETA]
  • All characters have had Self-Destruct replaced by B-Mode.
  • Known Bugs:
  1. The Light(Held) attack for Greatswords cannot be performed after the first move in the greatsword string while in B-Mode (after any other is fine though).
  2. 9S Freezes and performs no animation or voice line for the B-Mode windup sequence. B-Mode still works though.

Toggleable B-Mode

  • Requires Universal B-Mode to be Enable in order to function properly.
  • Players can now instantly activate B-Mode instead of charging.
  • Players can now deactivate B-Mode at any time by re-pressing the B-Mode button.

B-Mode no Health Drain
  • B-Mode will no longer drain the character's health. This will lock you into B-Mode until you deactivate it on the table.

Dashing / Evading:

Custom Air Dash Limit
  • Players can now specify how many times they can dash / evade in the air before they must touch the ground.

Selectable Dash Types
  • Players can now choose to enable either A2's extended dash or 2B's normal dash on any character.

No Stumbling in Bushes
  • Bushes no longer cause the player to stumble when moving through them.


Custom Double Jump Limit
  • Players can now specify how many times they can jump in the air before they must touch the ground.

Disable Fast Falling
  • Players will no longer enter the fast falling state when falling from great heights, preventing them from having their input locked due to the fast fall state.

Future Goals:
  In the future I would like to:
  • Fix [BETA] Mod Bugs
  • Add Infinite Jump / Infinite Air Dash
  • Disable Input Lock during Fast Fall state
  • And more!