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Experimenting with making my interiors stand out by giving them a distinct appearance depending on the time of day. This interior is part of A Westside Story, an upcoming quest mod with an emphasis on player choice and up-to-date technical implementation.


  1. theeggman99
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  2. VerasTeam2077
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    My type of interior! We are not very far off! Brilliant!
  3. lucianhector
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    Great work!

    Nice to see a stacking structure can be built with the Dead Money tiles, I wanted to try this for an apartment block but wasn't sure if any pieces would be missing
    1. ELPascal
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      Hi, and thank you!

      I did create a handful of custom pieces for this (e.g. standalone floor tiles without any ceiling above them), but the kit already allows you to get really creative if you have the patience for a bit of kitbashing here and there.