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Collection of AI Tweaks to make your game a lot harder while not breaking scripted sequences.

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Most Fallout: New Vegas players would agree the game's combat AI... leaves to be desired.
What they do not know, however, is that the internal AI is actually really, really smart... it just needs a bit of a nudge.

Over the years I've collected various AI settings and tweaks from various sources, and then actually examined the code and adjusted them further best to, hopefully, improve the combat. I'd say it's actually been pretty good so far.

You can check out how the new combat looks in these videos:

The list of changes is massive, so you'll have to trust me bro. Just try it.

To go with the improved AI, I recommend a mod that increases the damage multipliers, such as Metro Style Difficulty Damage (also available at Misc Gamesetting Tweaks)