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swaps out the SPECIAL effects of Four Eyes and Small Frame with effects that directly change the derived stats of their corresponding SPECIAL stats, plus some extra chili powder.

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this mod changes Small Frame and Four Eyes to not change your SPECIAL stats when taken, and instead change the derived stats of the SPECIAL stat they would've effected, with said derived stat bonuses being higher than if you just put a point into their governing stat as consolation for not affecting perk requirements anymore
Small Frame:+5 Guns and Sneak(up from 2), +10 Action Points(up from 3), +10% faster Reload & Equip Speed(same as 1 agility point)
Four Eyes:+5 Explosives, Energy Weapons and Lockpicking when wearing glasses, -5 when not(up from 2), 0.7x bullet spread when wearing glasses, 1.3x when not, 1.3x VATS Hit Chance when wearing glasses, 0.7x when not(neither Bullet Spread Reduction nor VATS Hit Chance Increases happen from increasing perception, but let's be honest, this trait needed some extra chili powder)
i got confused that this didn't exist already and made this in 1 night 
this is my first mod
if you want a variant of this, comment that you want it, cuz i'm certainly not gonna do it unprovoked
the Lucky Shades also have some extra stats like it does in the original game but i left those in a .txt in the download for people who want to keep it a surprise for themselves