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ITEM is a general bug fixing mod for dozens of item models across the base game and DLCs.

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Reduced floating items off of tables and counters.
Fixes visible holes in meshes.
Fixes incorrect properties that effect how the mesh looks.
Optimized meshes for performance.
Improved loading times.
Numerous other fixes.

This mod is compatible with both New Vegas Mesh Improvement Mod - NVMIM and Precision Collision - Clutter NV and most other mesh mods
(Along with TTW). But make sure ITEM overwrites both of the mentioned mods in MO2 (including YUP and TTW) in the left pane by being placed lower
so you get more fixes.

Note to Modders:
NIFs in this mod are free to be used in other modding projects. It's encouraged authors use the meshes in this mod as a base for their own edits so they have a much cleaner starting point to work from.

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