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A fully-functional pack brahmin companion to accompany you on your travels.

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This aims to be a compact and lore-friendly companion mod that fits, as seamlessly as possible, into the vanilla experience.

To enlist your new pack brahmin, visit the Mojave Outpost and investigate the new noticeboard (see images) for more information.

Key Companion Features
  • Fully-functional Pack Brahmin companion.
  • A companion perk granting a small discount with vendors.
  • She can be instructed to join in on combat or to run away.
  • She can be instructed to accompany the player inside interiors or wait outside.
  • Can produce 'brahmin milk' every twelve hours.
  • Fully 'voiced' (with authentic brahmin mooing noises).
  • Carry weight of 500.
Caution: Heavily-laden pack brahmin are not inconspicuous out in the wastes. Wandering the Mojave with your new pack brahmin may attract the wrong kind of attention from the wrong kind of people. Raiders, brigands and bandits are lurking in every corner of the wasteland so be on your guard...

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Please enjoy.