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One of the most popular sound mods for New Vegas is back, more AWSOMER than ever! Completely conflict free and with TTW support.

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All Weapon Sound Overhaul Modern Edition Redone, or AWSOMER for short, is a full replacement of all ballistic, explosive and energy weapon sounds. It's the successor to AWSO and AWSOME with much wider compatibility and new features, such as:
  • Fully scripted, no more overwriting files meaning less conflicts with other mods
  • Every weapon has its own record for easier replacement and no overlap with mods that use vanilla sounds
  • Distant sound effects, meaning no disparity between close and distant shots

A patch for various weapons mods can be found here.


JIP LN NVSE Plugin - Required for the script to work
Johnny Guitar NVSE - Same as above
Tale of Two Wastelands - Not required, but fully supported

All credits can be found in the credits tab, however there are a few special shoutouts:
Nehred - for creating the amazing thumbnail, banner and logo
TheIncredibleKraken - for coming up with the AWSOME name