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Gun Runners Kiosk Overhauled and HQ is now a Walk-in Gun store with discounts on weapons/ammo

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Experimental Version 


I detailed the shit out of these places. Enjoy.

The Gun Runners kiosk is now filled with guns and equipment based on the vendortron's inventory.
Gun Runners HQ is also now open to the public. Purchase a "Gone Shootin" pass to buy DLC/GRA weapons at a discount.

Back when I played NV on the 360 I thought the Gun Runners would have the coolest gunstore with tons of guns and junk everywhere, it's pretty empty. Very empty despite what their inventory says the Kiosk has 8 guns on display and the office building is actually just an office, the fuckers even shoot at you for trespassing. Daft Punks! 


+ Armored with motion sensing doors
+ More of everything guns ammo etc
+ Unique Weapons Displayed [disappear once bought]
+ Guns Displayed will change depending on the day
+ Kiosk Gun Display Schedule Sat-Mon: General Stock, Tues: Melee/Exp Wed: WW2 Thurs: Western Fri: Modern
+ Insta-Trade option [Activator on the right]
+ Kiosk Only Version available

Gun Runners HQ
+ Activate the Gun Runner's movie poster on the Kiosk 
+ "Gone Shootin Club" 1000 caps 1 time entry fee
+ Storefront sells DLC/GRA weapons/mods/ammo with discounts
+ Sentry Bot is a vendor. Same GR inventory
+ HQ Office is now a Warehouse to fit the pipboy icon
+ Vanilla Quest still functional - If you are spotted after entering the "Employees Only" bounds you will be shot at.

No Loadscreen Experimental: High Spec PC NEEDED or FPS will suffer. 
I did it because I wanted to see if I could.. is it good for a game with memory issues? that's why its experimental :)
HQ clutter gets enabled when you are close so FPS shouldn't suffer so much.
Light load order recommended. 

All Story DLC + GRA DUH

Kiosk Only version available
NOT required for Kiosk only - Enhanced Mojave Landscapes patch moves a camera closer to the wall noticeable once you see it 
HQ Only coming later.

For NVR users:
NVR shadows interiors ON likes to bring down performance in this cell in particular. Turning off JUST interior shadows brought my fps from 30 to 60 fps [locked at 60]. It's all the guns casting shadows plus the more lights because this place is so dark. Nothing I can do to reduce impact.

Permissions:  All the assets are modder's resource.


Aubri Cutting up the Kiosk because I wont download 3ds
Spifferino Also cutting up the Kiosk because I refuse to download 3ds
The MC