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Hey! I'm Spiffyskytrooper. I'm from Canada, and have always loved creative hobbies. In my pre-teens I started playing many BGS games and eventually found my way to the Skyrim and New Vegas modding scenes. I was enamored by the content a passionate community could put out, and immediately wanted to learn more about modding and game toolkits. Fast forward, and modding has remained an enjoyable hobby for me, and continues to be a great creative outlet. I have always made mods for fun, based on concepts and ideas I think games could improve upon. If you enjoy or use even one of my mods, thank you! I appreciate hearing all the support and seeing my mods in use.




Feel free to contact me through the Nexus Mods messaging system. I'm open to inquiries about mods, permissions, or even just a friendly message. Please however, do not message me over mod conflicts, release inquiries, or requests/recruitment.


As a word of advice, if you've got a good idea and are willing to put in the effort to learn the tools, absolutely go for it. Most in the modding community will welcome you with open arms and help teach you if you're willing to learn.




It's a pretty grim topic but I just want to ensure my mods are taken care of should anything happen to me. If I am 100% INACTIVE (0 uploads whatsoever) for a period longer than 12 months with NO WARNING on Nexus, then my mods 100% belong to the community (permissions depending). As long as I'm here, my mods are here to stay!



My mods will always be 100% free, but if you want to support me additionally I accept donations through Ko-Fi (linked above) or through Nexus direct donations.