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A unique new canine companion for sale in the Mojave!

Permissions and credits
Ganymede is a new canine companion with a unique appearance.

Rumors have been spreading about a wandering dog salesman struggling to make ends meet. Apparently, he's currently holed up at the Bitter Springs Recreation Area.



  • Fallout: New Vegas
  • New Vegas Script Extender
  • 4GB Patch
  • A UI capable of icon scaling, such as DarnUI or Vanilla UI+, or else the icon for Ganymede's custom perk will not look right.


Install to your game's 'Data' directory. Alternatively, use something like MO2 for a quicker, more sensible installation.

There is an issue with Ganymede getting killed during the Legion assault during the quest 'I Forgot to Remember to Forget' that I found, and don't see any real solution to besides relocating him. I suggest recruiting him before doing that quest.
Besides that, I have observed no conflicts that solutions to aren't included in the upcoming patch.
My future plans for this mod mainly just include bug fixing and translation opportunities. Should anyone be interested in translating this mod, please contact me via DM.

moontown317 - Testing assistance, as well as being a pretty cool person.
CatcherLuLu1 - Also a very cool person, provided invaluable support with the 1+ year long process in which this mod was made. Thanks a ton, homie.
ConeOfCinder Helped me quite a bit during my time on Nexus, and helped test this mod.
Loganator4551 - For giving well thought-out, in-depth reviews and criticism of my mods, and for being a reasonable and level partner through the modding process.
mikeburnfire - For giving me the inspiration to make this mod.
phoenix0113 - Making the NCR Doggy Buddies mod and opening the permissions for asset usage.
PistachioRanger - Making the Vietnam Styled NCR mod I borrowed assets from, and allowing me to use them.
ItsMeJesusHChrist - Providing a Modders' Resource alongside his excellent mod, Consistent Pip-Boy Icons.