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Downgrades the Epic Games EXE for NVSE and mod support.
Currently does not support playtime or achievements.

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Epic Games Downgrader

A patcher / downgrader tool for the epic games version of Fallout NV that allows use of NVSE.

  • Downgrades the game to the steam version which is widely supported by other mods, most notably NVSE.
  • Makes the game 4GB aware
  • Automatically loads NVSE when using FalloutNV.exe to start the game (if NVSE is installed)

  • The patcher supports latest Epic Games version of the game.

  • Unpack the contents of the archive to 'Fallout New Vegas English' folder and run Patcher.exe.
  • You will see black console window with a log of the process. No input is required, but it will tell you if any error has occurred.
  • When it's done and you see "Patching completed successfully" printed, you can close the window and proceed to installing other mods, such as NVSE.
  • Start the game through Epic's launcher, or any supported mod manager, but don't use nvse_loader.exe. Forget it exists, it's safe to delete it.

  • This partially removes Epic Games integration (including achievements - I may try and restore them in the future)
  • Do not use nvse_loader.exe to run the game with NVSE after running the patcher. Launch through Epic instead, it will auto-load NVSE.
  • The Steam version of the game was compiled without optimisations enabled so performance is worse, though a lot can be regained by following the performance guide in VNV.
  • If the patcher gives "Invalid executable" error, verify your game files on Epic and make sure the game is up to date.
  • This is a binary patcher that does not redistribute any copyrighted files or facilitate piracy in any way. A legitimate copy of the game is required to use it.

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