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A horror-themed combat music replacer that potrays The Courier as a mentally unstable individual who's hearing voices. I guess getting shot in the head tends to affect a person, huh?

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The Courier got shot in the head and managed to survive thanks to Doc Mitchell, but it wasn't without consequences. Your brain suffered some damage and ever since the incident at Goodsprings, you keep hearing strange noises and disturbing voices everytime you're under pressure (meaning in combat). Are you ready for one of the most unique New Vegas experiences? 

Fancy intros aside, what this mod does is it replaces combat music with strange noises and disturbing voices whispering in your ear. It's basically a (very simplified) port of my Fallout 4 mod of the same name (and also a few tracks from the predecessor of that mod). So if you wanna see what exactly you're getting yourself into by downloading this mod, go check out those Fallout 4  mod pages where you'll find more information and videos. 

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