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I noticed that the workbench menus didn't capitalize their tab names. This fixes that.

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This mod sprung up during my development of another mod. While adding in new recipes, I realized the odd lack of consistency with regards to capitalization in the crafting menus. This is just a quick little fix to get it all set up right.

In the base game the only capitalized tab is the general RECIPE tab, and all others are in lower case. This fixes the other tabs so that they match, and so that they are consistent with the base game vendor menu.

This mod also adds in an APPAREL tab for the gecko leather armors added by Honest Hearts- so that they're not shunted to the MISC tab. This improves accessibility, and also goes further to make the crafting menus even more consistent with the vendor menus.

This is an easy change to do, so feel free to ask for patches for other mods. This just covers vanilla and Honest Hearts- so if you want to see any other mod fixed like this let me know.

I've already made a patch for:
slippyguy's Alternative Repairing


A huge shout-out goes to the Viva New Vegas mod guide. I use it as the basis for every modded playthrough I do, so being featured on there is a big honor. Check it out here!