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Replaces all npc weapons with the fat man and all npc melee weapons with holy hand grenades

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Replaces every NPC gun with a Fat Man launcher and every NPC melee weapon with holy hand grenades for more explosive fun.  Almost everything is affected including dlc enemies but I might have missed some things. Also supermutants have missile launchers instead of fat man.

Based off the fallout 3 mod called FATMEN (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/24469?tab=files) I really wanted this mod for New Vegas but no one made it so I had to make it myself.

Install Instructions:
1. Drop esp into your Fallout New Vegas data folder or use a mod manager
2. get blown up

Also probably won't work with mods that change leveled lists but It worked fine with most of my other mods I had installed so you should be fine. If its buggy its because this is my second ever mod.

Mod demonstration:

Bugs: ncr patrol rangers at camp golf have .357 revolvers instead of fatman. dunno why tried fixing it but they seem to always use it even if I get rid of the .357 revolver from their inventory but other than that almost everyone has a fatman.