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  1. xKOHTAKTx
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    To the author’s question why no one has done such a rebalance of magazines and books, the answer is simple, there is no need to do this, a fairly large number of people play with mods that raise the skill development bar much more than just 100 points, for example, up to 300, wich is more classic 1-2 Fallout. Secondly, this rebalance, let's say, is not pinnacle of originality. For example, I use a rebalance with new magazine effects, so for example, if a character has 100 or more points of survival or medicine skill, then using the magazine temporarily increases the effects of treatment and healing, the same thing happens with weapons, if it is small guns, laser, or melee weapons, then it increases percentage of damage, if there is a retention perk, then effect becomes longer. So the using of magazines does not become useless, even after reaching the maximum, also you will not have a bunch of useless garbage in your inventory. But this mod, well, you just reduced the number of effects recieved, this is ineffective way, in my opinion, it always reminds me of Mafia 2, when, in the course of the plot, the player is simply taken away from achievements in the form of money, weapons, and purchased clothes, in general, this is a road to nowhere. If you wanted the distribution of skills to make more sense, then there was no need to cut the effects, you could just change the conditions of getting perks And you would get pretty much the same. Anyway, I'm not criticizing your creativity, I'm just telling you that in one form or another this mod actually exists, you just made it look the way it is.
    1. dumbcter
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      Going off of the description, the point wasn't to make the items more/less useful late game, but to tweak how valuable they are during early game instead.
      So that a skill check of 30 doesn't become a skill check of 10 so long as you have the perk and the right mag. Personally, i don't mind it either way, but i also find it easy to see why people would want something like that in their game.
  2. laclongquan
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