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Replace the ugly 2D rain found in Zion Canyon (as well as most weather mods) with a new 3D version. Rain no longer looks weird when you look up or down.

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Honest Hearts introduced rain to the game (and to most weather mods) in the form of a particle effect. The problem with particles is that the texture rotates with the camera, meaning the "tail" of the raindrop appears sideways when you look up or down. Obsidian got around this with another separate rain particle effect that looks like a bunch of tiny dots. This replaces the normal rain effect when you look up or down.

The problem is that it looks terrible and the transition is super noticeable once you realize what's going on. Luckily there's this thing called strip particles. Basically instead of flat 2D particles, it uses 3D meshes. I did some tinkering and experimenting, learning how strip particle systems work. This mod is the result. Now you'll see long "streaks" of rain that look good from any angle. This is closer to how Fallout 4 or Skyrim or Oblivion do rain. Not perfect but a hell of a lot better than a picture that follows you around.

The raindrops fall at a slight angle to simulate wind. They have a little bit of randomization in their direction and size to appear more natural. There's also some mist and spray in the air that's also pushed by the wind. If you still use ENB for whatever reason and the mist looks too bright, there's also a version with no mist. I also edited the script that controls the rain. Obviously I removed all the stuff that controls the switching based on view angle. I also made it so the rain turns off when you're underwater. Because of that this mod requires JIP. Removed the previous stuff because Climate Control rain is better.

Now I have to warn you of a couple things so you don't come complaining to me later. No one really fully understands how strip particles work, so I can't tell you how this is gonna affect your game. I've been told they're not great for performance. I didn't notice much drop but I didn't do any testing. I also can't guarantee compatibility with every weather mod. It should work with most, but if a mod edits the rain script there'll be some conflict there. Load Climate Control - Rain after any weather/rain mods and it should be fine. Also just like the vanilla rain there is no occlusion. Don't stand under your front porch hoping to not get wet. The rain stops for nobody.

Climate Control - Rain

Interior Rain (recommended)

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this and all my other work. Appreciate yall.