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NPCs react to encountering the dead bodies of their friends for a short while after death, and for a brief window will put two and two together to conclude the player had killed a friendly.

Written using Event Handlers with no scripted AI packages or package changes.

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By default NPCs do not respond to seeing dead bodies - even those mere seconds old. This has been partially addressed by the work of script extenders and patch mods restoring the bugged 'death' lines of some NPCs, which causes them to sometimes acknowledge the immediate death of a friend.

This mod rectifies that, and does not use invisible armour items or dummy NPCs.

Hostile NPCs:
- will react to their first sighting of a specific a dead friend the same way as any generic detection event, searching nearby according their AI settings and your gamesettings. This will last (at current) for 90 seconds until the body has 'cooled'.

Friendly NPCs:
- will react to seeing both the player and a friendly dead NPC the player killed within a short window by putting two and two together and responding as if attacked. I call this "columbo mode" and it's currently a fixed 15 seconds in version 1.0.


Q: Will this instantly aggro everyone on me whenever I kill someone?

A: Nope, just create a dummy event that sends NPCs to search around their own area, putting the player in the [CAUTION] status.

Q: Are you doing the horrible script-added AI packages thing again that'll break sequences like Liberty Prime in FO3?

A: Nope. No scripted AI packages, in fact no touching of AI packages at all - the spotting actor is not modified at all.

Q: How heavy is this?

A: One Event Handler, one Actor Effect Script per dead person, which does not run beyond the first IF statement if the player is already in combat. I do actually have a delay timer in the script so I can adjust whether it's doing the full function every tick too for future adjustment.

Q: Will NPCs get stuck in an infinite loop of seeing the same body and freaking out?

A: Nope, one dead friend = one alert. I can't guarantee AI settings won't make them act a bit odd in how they actually respond to that alert, but each NPC will specifically only respond once to each dead guy. In theory this means that in high-traffic areas a single body could lead to a 'conga-line' of enemies seeing the same body, but this is why we hide our kills, children. Channel Agent 47, shove the dead guy in a closet.

Q: Where does this go in my Load Order?

A: Literally wherever (below the ESMs), this doesn't actually touch any vanilla records, if anything manages to conflict with this I'll be impressed (or very disappointed).


A: Yes.