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Vault 616 is now 'Vault 16'. Some dialogue and grammar's been addressed as well.

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Zion Trail is one of those mods that scratches the itch for the intrepid Courier that's done it all in the base game.

If it's any criticism I'd have on it though, it would be the numbering of the vault.

'616', to me, is rather excessive to what we're typically presented. It took me out of the mod seeing it at times, pulling me out of moments I should be engrossed with it. I'm totally aware of how nit-picky this reads, but I'm probably not alone in thinking this either, so I made the changes I wanted. There's no definitive mentions/details of Vault 16 currently, and it's a fair a guess that it could be somewhere out in the west.

In short:

- All prompts that addressed the vault's previous number have now been changed to '16'. Example: Vault 16 Resident, Vault 16 Holotape, etc.

- Textures that had '616' present have now been altered to '16'. This is mostly noticed with jumpsuits, security armor, doors, graffiti, and the entrance. (See images)

- Player dialogue will now reflect the changes as well. While I was going through the player's dialogue options, I made the snap decision to grammar and spell check some of it too. I tweaked some of the phrasing as well for consistency.

In case it isn't known at this point, you will need to have Zion Trail first, then have this mod overwrite it.

I wouldn't put it past myself that I may have forgotten something somewhere. If so, certainly call it out, and I'll go hunting.

Hwiccian for Zion Trail