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Come fly with me
if this mod is installed, and you have successful completed the "Come fly with me" quest usually the rockets fly away never to be seen again, well with this mod  these bright rockets can be seen outside of the viewing platform. The mod adds 3 different Repconn rocket animations that will be picked to spawn randomly throughout your game after  completion. The rockets are all fly overs, and give a nice trail of smoke so they are very easy to see. The Rockets do not show up unless the quest is completed

mod comes in two versions - 

standalone - 

This version of the mod uses its own region -
very likely you use another mod that uses regions, if so will require patching to work.

Global Imposter region(GIR)-

This version of the mod relies on GIR for its region data -
you can use any mod that relies on GIR together without needing to patch, but any mod outside of GIR that uses regions will be incompatible 


29th February 2024 -
Removal of unnecessary world space data

26th February 2024 -
second update of the day - Major bug fix - 

26th February 2024 -
ini for GIR version contained incorrect information 

16th December 2022
- Only applies to GIR users - Also means you require JIP LN 
I made you a config file so you can control the mod - things you can configure using the ini:
Spawn Chances;
Enable Mod log;
Disable Quest completion Reequipment;

doesn't have any
Manual installation - 
The mod files are setup so that the "data/" folder is the root. so just drag and drop that into the folder containing your fallout new Vegas executable  and then activate the ESP in "data files", archive invalidate, and the modification should be in your game
Mod manager installation - 
The mod files are structured correctly, so you are good to install with your mod manager.

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