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Nerfs the DT of armors from Arizona Slave Army. Brings them more in line with vanilla NCR equivalent gear.

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Sooo I play with mods that up combat lethality. I thought it was a little odd how legion dudes were taking so much punishment. On a whim, I looted them and noticed their DT was pretty high for simple recruits. Turns out Arizona Slave Army has every other legion recruit with damage threshold on par with NCR rangers, with most being even better once you factor in the helmet DT. That's not really my cup of tea given the sheer quantity of legion that anti-legion characters end up fighting. I decided to whip up some nerfs and share the patch.

Now you can expect legion and NCR to have pretty similar amount of hits. Now nothing has a DT lower than 8, most stuff's around 10, and centurion and legate gear is around 15. Helmets are either 2 or 4 DT. Nothing has a DT higher than 15. All of it lines up reasonably well with the vanilla NCR equivalent gear. The recruits will still feel more survivable in a fight than they were in the vanilla, so it respects the original mod's intentions of making legion feel like less of a bunch of push overs. However, it won't feel like every other legionnaire is wearing end game armors. The goal is to make a non-legion playthrough will feel like less of a slog.

TL;DR - Vanilla legion suck. But ASA made them feel like I'm shooting at BoS. My nerfs make them more akin to NCR troopers and rangers.


Would be incompatible with anything that edits ASA's armor records directly. Everything that doesn't should be compatible.

Install & Uninstall

To install, use a mod manager or extract the archive into the data folder.
To uninstall, deactivate in your mod manager or delete the mod's plugin from your data folder.

Given it's just DT fine tuning, it'll be safe to add or remove from your saves at any time.