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Replaces Vanessa's models for the lewder NSFW outfits with a model from one of her SFW outfits.

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Makes Vanessa's nekked outfits cover up her bikini areas with some model path swaps. Clearly not lore friendly. But oh well.

This mod's dedicated to my fellow epic gamer bros who keep their gaming PC in the living room and don't want to make any family feel uncomfortable. While unaffiliated, you can consider Christian Mod Series complimentary to this. It serves a similar purpose for the base game.

Though for me, Vanessa has way more nudity than vanilla does, and I have my PC out in the living room. I don't want to flash my family or the neighbors with Vanessa's huge boobs. I mean they're a real set of a badonkers. She's packing some dobonhonkeros. Massive dahoonkabhankoloos. Big old tohongerekoogers. Even when compared to Willow, Vanessa's got even bigger bonkhonagahoogs. Humongous hungolomghononoloughongous.


Would be incompatible with anything that edits Vanessa's armor records directly. Everything that doesn't should be compatible.

Install & Uninstall

To install, use a mod manager or extract the archive into the data folder.
To uninstall, deactivate in your mod manager or delete the mod's plugin from your data folder.

Given it's just an armor model swap, it'll be safe to add or remove from your saves at any time.