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Adds a M9 pistol from Modern Warfare Remastered to the game with custom sounds, skins, leveled list integration and kNVSE support.

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Adds the Beretta M9 to the game with custom sounds, unique variants and full leveled list integration so it'll spawn on enemies and merchants. There's complete and standard editions of the mod as usual. Complete edition contains all of the variants while the standard edition is just the M9 by itself.

Statwise the pistol is similar to the vanilla 9mm pistol and has been injected into various perks including the Grunt perk so Honest Hearts is a requirement. kNVSE is another requirement too as Hitman's 9mm Pistol Redux has been bundled with the mod so there'll be fancy condition based reloading. 

You can find the M9 and its variants, depending on the version of the mod, on various enemies ranging from NCR Troopers and Rangers, Powder Gangers, Great Khans, Legion, Mercs and Raiders such as the Fiends, Jackals and Vipers. Some enemies carry specific variants like Veteran Rangers carrying the Gunslinger variant, Raiders toting the Battle Tested variant and Mercs have the Spec Ops. Everything should be purchasable at the Gun Runners as well.


Purchase from vendors like the Gun Runners


Pistol Silencer

Extended Magazine


The default camo skin is tan. In the optional files section you can pick from these:




Blue Tiger

Red Tiger

Dragon Skin

Flat Dark Earth

OD Green

Winter Tiger

Battle Kit

Purchase at the Gun Runners

Battle Tested



Spec Ops





A few custom variants for the mod.

Edge - Inspired by the Samurai Edge from the Resident Evil series and heavily made to look like it, though it is not it as you can tell from the lack of STARS on the slide and logo on the grip.  Buy it at the Gun Runners or pick one up from an NCR Ranger.

Edge Mk. II - Inspired by the Samurai Edge with my own take on it. Buy it from the Gun Runners.

Barry - Likewise inspired by Resident Evil, it's the Samurai Edge with a match compensator and chambered into 10mm. Buy it at the Gun Runners.

MW2 - the model from MW2R is the same one from MWR. It's texture is slightly different though and from what I can tell it looks more weathered than the one from MWR. It's been included as a unique variant instead of getting its own mod page in the MW2RWP sister project.


All rights reserved to Activision for the Call of Duty franchise. All assets in the mod were derived from Modern Warfare Remastered and Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

Models and textures: Raven Software (Modern Warfare Remastered) and Beenox Games (Modern Warfare 2 Remastered)

Sounds: Raven Software (Modern Warfare Remastered)

Cubemap: Millenia and TactaGhoul

Hitman47101 for the fantastic 9mm Pistol animations!