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Adds over 33 melee weapons and 2 throwing weapons to the game with full leveled list integration, kNVSE support, sound entries and models and textures from the Modern Warfare Remastered games.

Permissions and credits

Adds over 35 weapons ranging from knives both small and large to blunt weapons and there's even a few swords and throwing weapons in the mix. All with custom sound entries and integration into the leveled lists so they'll spawn on enemies and vendors. They've been injected into certain perks as well such as the Cowboy and Grunt perks so Honest Hearts will be a requirement because of the Grunt perk. Gun Runners' Arsenal is also a requirement as well. In addition various melee weapon animations have been bundled with the mod so kNVSE will be yet another requirement. See credits down below for more details.

Statwise most of the weapons are about on par to vanilla equivalents. If you're expecting to come across a end all be all melee weapon in the pack than this mod isn't for you. A little basic rundown for the weapon 'categories' as I like to call them; Medium sized knives do the same damage as the Combat Knife, and can be upgraded further with appropriate perks. Larger knives likewise you can expect to compete with the Bowie Knife's damage stat. Blunt weapons, depending on their size, will do contemporary damage to the Tire Iron, War Club from Honest Hearts or the Baton. Bladed weapons such as the scimitar are on par with the Machete, while others with the Machete Gladius such as the Gladiator sword. The Katana, as its name suggests is literally the GRA Katana.

As for weapon mods only the Katana and the Gladiator currently can actually equip any, and they use the GRA Katana's mods. And in the case of the Gadiator, it only uses the protective sheath mod.

Weapon List

A list of the weapon names will be down below and where you can find them. If you have trouble finding them on an enemy the Gun Runners should always sell them. 

Barber Razor (Mercs, Wastelanders, Powder Gangers)
Blood Katana (Gun Runners)
Bolo Knife (Mercs and Rangers)
Broken Brewery Bottle (Powder Ganger and Raiders)
Broken Sarsaparilla Bottle (Powder Ganger and Raiders)
Commando Knife (Mercs and Rangers)
CQB Bayonet (NCR and Mercs)
Damascus Knife (Legion)
Diabolical Knife (Legion)
Enforcer Baton (NCR and Powder Gangers)
Gladiator (Legion)
Harpoon (Legion)
Hatchetman (Wastelanders and Legion)
Ice Pick (Prospectors and Gun Runners)
Knuckle Knife (Mercs)
Mace (Legion)
Meatcleaver (Wastelanders and Powder Gangers)
Mechanic Tool (Wastelanders)
Obsidian Knife (Fiends)
Pick Axe (Wastelanders and Prospectors)
RPG Dud (Wastelanders and Raiders)
Russian Hammer (Wastelanders and Prospectors)
Russian Machete (Mercs)
Samurai Katana (Mercs)
Sawtooth (Wastelanders and Raiders)
Scimitar (Legion)
Shillelagh (Wastelanders)
Sickle (Wastelanders and Raiders)
Survival Knife (Mercs, Rangers and Prospectors)
Tactical Knife (Mercs)
Tactical Shovel (NCR, Wastelanders and Prospectors)
Throwing Bolo Knife (Mercs and Rangers)
Throwing Harpoon (Legion)
Tribal Club (Fiends)
Trucker Tool (Wastelanders and Raiders)

Recommended Mods

Looking for more melee weapon animations? Look no further than Sigerious and rockbiter68

Melee Impact Sound Replacer - The mod already comes with some new sounds, but the impact sounds are still vanilla. If you want impact sounds to have more oomph this one is for you.


All rights reserved to Activision for the Call of Duty franchise. 

Models and textures: Raven Software (Modern Warfare Remastered) and Beenox Games (Modern Warfare Remastered 2)

Sounds: Raven Software (Modern Warfare Remastered)

Animations: Sigerious, rockbiter68 and Hitman47101. Massive thanks for these talented animators for allowing open permission for their fantastic animations. These weapons would be a lot more boring without them!

Cubemap: Millenia and TactaGhoul

Huge shoutout to Conor96 over at Discord for taking the screenshots, and a big thank you to any who tested the beta.