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Fix for the mod Sierra Madre Grand Entrance.

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This is a fix for a notorius bug where you can softlock the game if you return to the villa after entering the new area. This fix changes the script so the prompt appears when you click in the new door before entering the casino, instead of the original gate in the villa. The new version now replaces the original plugin, for people that are close to surpassing the plugins limit or just prefer to replace it.


-Dead Money
-Sierra Madre Grand Entrance


Install like any other mod using your preferred Mod Manager. Put it below the original mod.


Compatible with Desert Natural Weathers - Sierra Madre Grand Entrance Patch, just put that mod below mine.


There shouldn't be any after my initial tests, but if you find one, tell me and I will try to fix it.


Feel free to use or edit this mod however you like without asking me, but I would appreciate if you credit me and the other people that I mention in the credits.


AgentFuse - For creating an amazing mod.
PlatinumShad0w - For making a clear guide of how to fix this bug.
ConeOfCinder - For showing me a great tutorial to replace the original plugin.
Quinn Olore - For making a great tutorial to merge plugins.
Paspartan1 - For not destroying my computer after 7 continuous crashes before making sure that this fix was working.