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Once you've reached Big Mountain you can play as a prewar science fiction hero, battling monsters and lobotomites with fists, sword, and ray gun! A set of black scrubs is also available, in case you'd rather play as a mad scientist. You'll find starting equipment in the large trunk near your bed in the Sink.

The Flash Gordon character mod is based on the Alex Raymond comic strip and Buster Crabbe film serials
Flash Gordon and Dr. Zarkov are among my favorite retro characters. They don't fit the basic New Vegas setting; but I think they suit Big Mountain. Once you've completed Old World Blues such a character might work in Lonesome Road, and in the final defense of Hoover Dam. I do not recommend it for Honest Hearts.
NOTE: This mod can be installed at any time, and all armor and weapons can be crafted at any workbench, but since these characters make no sense until the Big Mountain setting is available no part of this mod will be available until you have begun Old World Blues.

Old World Blues

Copy FlashGordon.esp and FlashGordon.bsa into your Data folder. Nothing will be overwritten; this is completely reversible. Activate the mod.

Save your game. Deactivate the mod, and remove the FlashGordon.esp and FlashGordon.bsafiles.

There's a large trunk near the player bed in the Sink. In it you'll find a travel outfit, a set of black scrubs, a dueling sword, a ray gun, and an unarmed combat option. The trunk can be used for safe storage.
The dueling sword uses elements from Moraelin's excellent Arming Swords and Secret of the Silver Blades mods (see Credits below.)
The ray gun incorporates a fission power source, and does not need ammunition.
The menu lists the new unarmed combat ability as a weapon: Brawling. It is a quest item and can't be dropped, so you will have it even in areas where your equipment is taken from you. Your Brawling ability is reduced with use, but it can be repaired with a good steak.

With enough skills you will be able to upgrade the ray gun, dueling sword, and outfits. You will also be able to craft a Proton Sword which is especially effective against robots and power armor.

If you decide to play as a mad scientist, you might enjoy my "Old World Science" mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/67905/

The dueling sword combines elements from Moraelin's Arming Swords (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/16493) and Secret of the Silver Blades (https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/17818) Both have been generously released by the author to public domain. If you'd like more swords, these mods are the place to start.
The lead cartoon image includes elements of a published drawing by Alex Raymond, from the sequence "Tyrant of Mongo." As best I can tell, the copyright is no longer maintained.

I release this mod to the public domain; you have my permission to adapt it or to use elements in another mod. I would appreciate credit. You may not use any part of this mod in mods offered for sale.