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Restores some minor "cut" content. enables disabled creatures and NPC's. Gives some NPC's improved AI Packages. And more.

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LD's Improved New Vegas!
This mod restores some "cut" content, enables disabled creatures and NPC's, gives some NPC's improved AI Packages, and more.
A lot of NPC's and creatures were disabled in the first patches of New Vegas as the consoles couldn't handle it. I have enabled a lot of creatures and NPCs along the roads between Goodsprings and Primm, and Nipton and Novac, and so on. 

What this mod does:

  • Improves/Overhauls the New Vegas world. Bringing life to the Mojave.
  • Gives some NPCs improved AI Packages
  • Adds/restores NPCs to certain locations
  • Makes locations feel more lived in

Potential Issues:

  • The 188 Trading Post can cause the game to freeze briefly when entering the cell
  • Some added Boomers are female and have facial hair
  • Prospectors in Novac when spooked run into the Dino-Bite Gift Shop and never stop running around...

If anyone knows how I can fix the prospectors, that would be great

This mod is a work in progress. I intend to update it and add/restore more in the future.

I will go through and list everything I have done.


When the town is restored, the Primm residents will now leave their homes and visit the casino and walk around outside. Originally, when you first visit Primm, the residents are hiding in the casino from the powder gangers. If you side with Primm and take out the powder gangers, the Primm residents go to their homes and never come back out. Now they are free!

Ruby Nash can now visit the casino and walk around outside instead of standing in one place. 
Disabled some bits of blood outside of the casino as they don't auto disable when the casino is restored.

Added PrimmResident3 as she was not added.
Added a fire barrel by the Primm homes.
Added a campfire by the Primm homes.

188 Trading Post:

Added 188CivilianHopefulA, B, and C. Has dialogue about visiting the strip and winning big
Added 188CivilianUnHappyA, B, and C. Has dialogue about losing money at the strip.

Added 188GunrunnerGuardDayA, or B. One of them was already in the game, the other was cut.
Added 188GunrunnerGuardNightA, or B. One of them was already in the game, the other was cut.
Fixed their ai packages as Alexander has two guarding during the day and two at night.
They take turns sleeping.

Added 188JunkVendor.Added 188MercA, and B.
I assume the two mercs guard the Junk vendor, but the Junk vendor and mercs have no AI Packages. I haven't set up the junk vendor as a vendor yet.

Enabled 188NCRTrooperA, B, C, D, E, and F. One or two of them were already enabled.
Enabled EnableHeavyTroopersMarker (Xmarker0000003B) I'm not sure if this gets enabled automatically mid game.

Enabled CrBrahminWater. There was a disabled water Brahmin at the 188.

I assigned Alexandar his own bed next to where he stands.
The other two beds are set to owned by faction GunRunnerFactionNV. So only the Gun Runners use those beds. (Alexanders guards.)

Added 3 Prospectors near the Arms Merchant truck. Just to add a little life to the 188.VspawnProspectorAll. They will be randomized.

Added 5 custom randomized NPC's. They will sandbox the 188 and sleep at night if they can.

Boulder City:

Inside the Saloon:

Added BCWorkerCM2 & BCWorkerHF. They belong inside the Saloon but were disabled.



VGomGamblerRandom x2 enabled.
VGomVarProstitutesMale enabled.
VGomVarProstitutesFemale enabled.VGomGamblerRandom x15 enabled.
VGomVarRoomGuard enabled.


VGomGamblerRandom x8 enabled.
VGomVarProstitures x4 enabled.
VGomVarProstitutesFemale x2 enabled

These were all initially disabled ingame.

Mojave Outpost:

Added lots of idle markers. Leaning, smoking, and such.
Added campfire and seating markers around it.
Added chairs near campfire.

Placed two prospectors near campfire. They sandbox.

VSpawnProspectorAll50.They walk around and use the idle markers, and also sleep if they can.

Added one Brahmin to the Brahmin pen. Now there's 3 of them!

Added two water Brahmin to the side near the gate.

Added two more prospectors under the toll shelter by the exit gate.
VSpawnProspectorAll x2

Added NPC's with the water Brahmin.
NCRRangerPatrolCF Has a very tight sandbox.

Behind the HQ (not the bar), I added 3 prospectors.
VspawnProspector15 x3.
They use new leaning and seating markers behind the HQ.

Added 6 custom randomized NPC's.
They roam the outpost with a sandbox package.

Added an unhappy NPC outside of the gated area.

Added 3 more NPC's at the front of the Mojave Outpost

Added some more NCR troops who sandbox around the Outpost.

Added a patrolling NCR Troop who walks out just past the NCR Ranger statue to the leftof it to survey the surrounding area.
This adds a lot of life to the Mojave Outpost. Maybe too much... 

The road from Goodsprings to Primm:

VES03WastelandAdventurer added. This is a fully voiced NPC who gives tips of the surrounding area.
They were cut from the game. I added them to their original location at the highway across fromJean Skydiving. Also at Jean Skydiving there was a disabled NPC, I have enabled them. I later found out they werepart of a quest with the Powder Gangers, so I will have to disable them at some point.

Behind Jean Skydiving I enabled 5 or 6 of the 11 Bloat flies.
There's also 2 patrol routes for all 11 Bloat Flies...
VSpawnTier1BloatFlyMed enabled.

Left of the Advendurer on the rocks, there's 4 Coyotes that have been disabled.
VSpawnTier1CoyoteMed50 x2 enabled
VSpawnTier1CoyoteMed30 enabled.
VSpawnTier1CoyoteSmall30 enabled.

Across the hill towards Goodsprings, there is 1 lone Coyote.
VSpawnTier1CoyoteMed30 enabled.

Right of the Advendurer behind the billboard behind the rocks, there's 3 Geckos. One was disabled.
VspawnTier1GeckoSmall30 enabled.

Enabled two Radroaches at the small Rad pit on the highway towards Primm.

Enabled two more Radroaches to the left of the pit.

Enabled four roaches further left of the pit, in another Rad pit.

Enabled a large Radroach above the large Rad pit.

Enabled one Bloatfly in a small Rad pit. There are 3 total there now.

Enabled two Bloatflies where two small Rad pits are. There are 4 total there now.

Enabled one Bloatfly near the same Rad pit above.

Enabled three Geckos perched on a hill where below a prospector spawns.

Enabled one Gecko  on a hill before the ones listed above. There are a total of 3 there now.

Enabled two Geckos between two large rocks near the mobile home. Now there's 4 total.


Added lots of idle markers

Added some fire barrels

I created a "replacement" for Jenny when/if she dies. She currently follows Jenny and lives in her home.

She could be an intern or family member learning the ropes of being a motel receptionist...? :)

Added 3 prospectors at the gas station.
VSpawnProspectorAll x3

 Added 6 NPC's to the cross roads.
LDsNovacTravelerRandom. They roam around Novac.

Added a cook to the Novac "Diner" Has a custom vendor container
And has a sandbox around the Novac "Diner" and has 4 owned idle markers.

The creation kit calls the Novac tent a diner, so I added a cook.

I also given her a custom outfit and she wears the cut tortoiseshell eyeglasses.

Camp Golf:

CampGolfNCRTrooperWaanderA, B, and C. enabled

NCRRangerVeteranCampGolf10, 11, 12, 6, 2, 3, and 4 x3 enabled

The Veterans are inside and outside. For some reason there's three 4 Vets. Enabling these adds a bit more life to Camp Golf as there's more NCR hanging round the grounds.


Enabled a Goodsprings NPC at the garden to the left of the general store.

Set VCG02GSSettler to essential. She is the settler you can save from the Goodsprings water source. Undone

I changed the look of GSSettlerCF as she looks the same as the settler at the Goodsprings water source.

I opened up a bordered up house and I set it to Sunny Smiles home.

I opened up another bordered house for Easy Pete.

Trudy has her own house as well now.

Originally, they all crowded in one house along with other settlers, and it was first come first serve for whoever makes it to the bed first... lol.

GSSettlerAAM has their sleep packaged moved to GSHouseInterior03
LDsGoodspringsSettlerFemale added.
She sleeps at GSHouseInterior03. She does farming during the day and eats at the saloon.
I guess these two people live together.

LDsGoodspringsSettlerMale added.

Moved VCG02GSSettler to GShouseInterior02Created an Xmarker outside for her to hang around at and added lean markers.
And an AI Package for her to wander around. And she eats at the saloon.


VspawnSpecialMerchantMaleGroup02NV01 enabled
VCaravanBrahmin01NorthVegas01REF enabled
VCaravanMerc01NorthVegas01REF enabled
VCaravanMerchant01NorthVegas01REF enabled
This is a caravan which has it's own route and it starts at Aerotech, but it was disabled.
I don't think I've seen them roaming around, so I'm not sure where they go...

1ERefugeeAAM added
1ERefugeeCM2 added
1ERefugeeHM added

These NPC's were found in the game files. I added them to the Aerotech location as their sandbox is set at the Aetotech location. But it's actually set outside, so I moved it inside because when it's outside, they just stand at the door.


Enabled 5 Bighorners in the pen.

Grub N' Gulp:

Added more beds.

Made Fitz and Lupe essential as they can easily die to the Legion who spawn right across the highway.

Created a lot of NPC's for this location.

LDsGrubnGulpTravelerFemale01 added
LDsGrubnGulpTravelerRandom x8 added
LDsGrubnGulpWastelanderFemale01 added
LDsGrubnGulpWastelanderMale01, and 02 added

They all share the same AI Package. They roam around.Added four prospectors.

Added lots of markers all around the area.

NCR Sharecroppers Farms:

The NCR Farm is a very quiet and deserted place.

1ESharecropperHF enabled
1ESharecropperCF enabled

There is a HM Sharecropper presumably disabled, but is located somewhere underground. I removed their NPC and readded them.

Added 3 bedrolls to the Sharecroppers barracks for the enabled Sharecroppers.

Added 1 NCR Trooper at the Sharecropper gate. They sandbox outside and use lots of idle markers I added.

LDsSharecropperRandom01 x4 added
LDsSharecropperRandom02 x3 added
They work alongside the original Sharecroppers, and they sleep in the house just outside of the gates.

Added interiors to two of the homes outside of the farm.

Added more raking and watering markers to the farmland.

Camp McCarran Exterior:

Enabled an NCR patrol left of the gate towards The Strip.

LvlNCRTrooperPatrolLeader x1 enabled
LvlNCRTrooper x3 enabled
Their patrol path seems to be unfinished and I haven't seen them around since enabling them. They must have wandered off.

Added two fire barrels outside of the gate with idle markers around them.

Added and NCRTrooper outside of the gate next to the burned out vehicle.
With lots of idle markers. Leaning on the vehicle etc.



VSpawnOVWSCitizenZ enabled
VSpawnOVWSCitizenD enabled
LvlWestsideCitizen x6 enabled

Added VSspawnOVWSCitizenHOld


VOVDefenderMale added
VOVDefenderFemale added
Just outside, right next to the Thorn enterance, I added them. They seem to be cut defenders of westside.They have no AI Package, so I given them a sandbox AI Package. They are not essential, but they will eventually respawn after they die.

VspawnOVWSCitizenG, J, K, F, and M. Added to exterior of Westside.
These 4 citizens farm outside where the crops are as nobody takes care of them.
F has been removed and I added M. Because F is the actorbase and I need to remove their AI Packages to createmy own for farming.
Oh wait. All the citizens have their own actorbase. I will have to take an actorbase from an untouchedone if I ever need to get their AI Packages back...Nevermind! Their AI Packages work fine where they are.

VspawnOVWSCitizenO, R, T, W, and X added.
Added to exterior of Westside at the larger farm near the Thorn enterance.

These Westside citizens enter Westside when they want to sleep at night. I will eventually make an interior where they go to sleep as there's not enough beds for them all.


Enabled the two jet streams.

You can hardly see them working, but it's nice knowing they work.
This is all I've done here so far at the DAM.

Crimson Caravan:


LvlCrimsonCaravanTraderGuard enabled
LvlCrimsonCaravanTrader enabled
LvlCrimsonCaravanTraderBrahmin enabled
They reside outside. I believe they have their own AI Package and patrol route.

StripLightAct enabled. The lamppost is already enabled
Whatever that means...


CrimsonCaravaneerAAF2 CF, CF2, CM, CM2, HF, HF2, HM, and HM2 added.

CrimsonCaravanGuardAAF, AF, CF, CM, HF, and HM added.
They patrol and sleep.

CrimsonCaravanTraderCF, CM and HM added. They sandbox around Crimson Caravan.

CrimsonCaravanTraderGuardAAF, CF, CM, HF, and HM added.
They sandbox around Crimson Caravan.

Added lots of idle markers around the grounds. Leaning markers, and farming markers.

Added two prospectors who roam.
VSpawnProspectorAll x2

These added Crimson Caravan guards and Traders come out at night. They share the same bedsas the existing guards and traders. This makes Crimson Caravan busy at all times. As it's a caravan company, it wouldn't just shut down at night. They overlap at some point in the evening so it's extra busy.


Underpass is a cut town in New Vegas. I taken the opportunity to make it my own town...
I have added a lot of the cut NPC's to this location such as, Billy Bettis and Xa Mo. They live here now. And I have also added the original settlers of this town.

UnderpassCitizen01, 02, 03, 04, 05, and 06 added.
They have AI Packages and sleep in the buildings at night.

UnderpassMayor added.

Disabled 3 Brahmin as they are crazed Brahmin and the Underpass Citizens attack them.

Added 4 matresses in the caravan and added pathing to the caravan. So NPC's can enter and sleep.

Created an Underpass map marker. You can fast travel to Underpass once you've visited it.

Added lots of idle markers around the town. NPC's will do farming during the day, and they will eat at lunch time.

Added 3 Brahmin.
Added Xmarker for Brahmin.

Added 3 prospectors.

Disabled fly swarm by blood bath.

Disabled Gore piles.

Added interior to the large shack.
Added interior to the house.

1EBillyBettis added
1EPabloMiller added
VESDoctorRotson added
XaMo added
SenLin added
Sheepdog01, 02 added



BoomerMessAM enabled
BoomerMessHF x2 enabled
BoomerMessAAF x2 enabled
BoomerMessAF x2 added
Boomer10F enabled
Boomer12M enabled
BoomerCook3M enabled
Boomer00FFarmer enabled
Boomer01MFarmer enabled
Boomer00MFarmer enabled
BoomerFrontGateGuard1 enabled

All BoomerMess NPC's have NellisBoomerMess24AIPackage as their only AI Package. It has a radius of zero.
Even existing Mess Boomers have the same package. I set it to 500.

There is a strange problem where female boomers that have been enabled now have facial hair whilst looking like a female. I am working on disabling them or trying to change their looks. 

This is everything so far.

I plan to add caravan routes from the Mojave Outpost to Primm and to Goodsprings as there is an unfinished caravan route already there.
I plan to have more NPC's roam around from town to town and reside at the town for a while.

constructive criticism is welcome.

Please let me know if I have made a mistake anywhere and I will try my best to fix it.

And if anyone has any ideas, please let me know. :)

Here is a video I made showcasing my work on Underpass.