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Optimizes and cleans the esms, as well as fixes some hard errors in the landscape. Boosts performance on modern systems with SSDs

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Optimizes and cleans the FalloutNV.esm, as well as fixes some hard errors in the landscape.

Decompresses NPC and Landscape records in the main game and major dlcs to reduce stutter.

Boosts performance on modern systems with SSDs.

Gun Runner's Arsenal and the preorder packs are untouched, and not required for this mod.

Pair with BSA Decompressor for massive performance gains.

English version ONLY!

boyratty nerd explanation:
The main NV ESM is not "cleaned" as there is nothing to clean. It only restores the preorder pack records so they don't cause memory corruption (you still need the assets from the preorder packs to use them), adds proper previous info to all dialogue topics, uncompresses worldspace records and NPC face data, and fixes 2 broken landscape records.

DLCs have previous info sorted correctly (DM in particular had a bug with that), have ITMs removed, and certain things disabled that are supposed to be, as well as uncompress landscape and npc faces. There are no other changes. I do not set things -30000 or enable state opposite of parent, the first one causes havok bugs that only occur in the F3/NV engines, and the 2nd is an illegal combination of flags the engine hates.

There should be no incompatibilities with any mods I am aware of as TTW has done this now for years with no evidence of such.

for the tinfoil hat wearers
  • rename the .mpi file extension to .bsa and extract it
  • run the installer with the -editor argument
  • load index.json inside the _package folder