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What's this? Another collab!? GASP.

New animation set for the Arc Welder, plus the added ability for it to arc between targets and a damage buff!

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This mod adds a brand new animation set for everyone's most disappointing weapon from Lonesome Road, the Arc Welder. Hitman agreed that the weapon kinda sucked in the base game, so we banded together to improve it! In addition to the swanky new animations, it now deals damage on par with a flamer, and has a minor amount of electric damage over time. However, the biggest change is that it can now arc to up to three additional targets!

Be careful when using it, as it will zap anything nearby, including you*!

*Note that in the future once a new function is done, we will be updating this to make it dynamically avoid friendly targets relative to the attacker.

Here's a video showcasing the new animations and arcing by Hitman himself!


JIP LN Plugin


Hitman47101 - For making the animation set and testing!